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Real-Time Dashboard Connections to Support Workplace Experience and Employee Engagement

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Skykit customers can now display real-time dashboard connections and other data visualizations easily and securely on digital signage displays.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – March 22, 2022 –  Skykit is improving how companies communicate key business data with employees through digital signage. Dashboard Connections are now available as a Skykit Beam premium feature and allow businesses to securely connect their cloud-based data and analytics tools to digital signage.

Businesses that leverage this functionality increase the number of employees who can view and act on real-time performance indicators. They also reduce the amount of time required to connect the data to screens throughout multiple locations.

“Our customers have more business data available to them than ever before,” said Irfan Khan, Skykit CEO and co-founder. “They are making that data actionable by using visualizations and dashboards to drive critical business decisions as well as employee performance. We are excited to bring a solution to market that enables data-driven organizations to more easily and securely share these dashboards and visualizations with employees.”

Through the Dashboard Connections functionality, Skykit stores encrypted credentials for data visualization and analytics tools, thereby eliminating the time previously required to manually log each screen into the various tools.

“Previously, our customers would rely on a team of employees to manually log in – sometimes multiple times each day – on each digital screen to display their data reports and visualizations. Now, they can be confident that their screens are displaying the most up-to-date information and reduce the amount of technical support required to do so,” Khan said.

With Skykit’s integration approach and easy-to-use digital signage CMS, organizations are no longer limited in how they share real-time information and dashboards across their employee base. And, they can rotate real-time data visualizations with other key corporate messaging – all to keep employees informed and engaged.

“Skykit Dashboard Connections address a key market need as organizations struggle to effectively connect their digital signage to the information and analytics tools they use every day to make smart decisions,” said Paul Lundberg, Skykit CTO, and Co-Founder. “We provide a secure connection to the many SaaS-based solutions on the market today, such as Salesforce, DataDog, Tableau, PowerBI, and more. And, our team is bringing new connections to customers all the time.”

Dashboard Connections will be available as an add-on feature for Skykit Beam Pro and Enterprise customers.

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