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Our digital signage solutions make it a breeze to display and control content on a screen. From stunning product menus to eye-catching promotions, the possibilities for this tech are limitless.
Skykit Digital Signage for Dispensaries - Examples

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Skykit’s digital signage solutions allow you to push content to any number of screens with the click of a mouse. Because our platform is cloud-based, you can update pricing, switch out products, and schedule content from anywhere.

Where to Use Digital Signage in Your Dispensary


Skykit Digital Signage for Dispensaries | Behind the Counter

Behind the Counter


Skykit Digital Signage for Dispensaries | Waiting Areas

Throughout Your Store


Skykit Digital Signage for Dispensaries | Outside Your Dispensary

Outside Your Dispensary

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Digital Menu Board Bundle

Skykit’s Menu Bundle comes with everything you need to turn a screen into an eye-catching digital menu board – for just $40/month, with no upfront costs for hardware. To put it bluntly, you’ve hit the jackpot.

The Menu Bundle includes:

Skykit Digital Signage for Dispensaries - Examples 2
Dispensaries: Dispensary Scene 9

Personalized Digital Signage Packages

Interested in displaying additional content (like social media feeds) or deploying digital signage across multiple dispensaries? Reach out today so that we can customize your digital signage plan.
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Digital signage is a powerful tool, and the Skykit team has invested untold time and effort into developing a platform that allows you to get the most out of it. Interested in seeing Skykit Beam in action?