Take Your In-Store Messaging Sky High​

Our digital signage solutions make it a breeze to display and control content on a screen. From stunning product menus to eye-catching promotions, the possibilities for this tech are limitless.
Skykit Digital Signage for Dispensaries - Examples


Meet Your New Best Bud For Marketing & Communications​

Skykit’s digital signage solutions allow you to push content to any number of screens with the click of a mouse. Because our platform is cloud-based, you can update pricing, switch out products, and schedule content from anywhere.

Where To Use Digital Signage In Your Dispensary​


Behind The Counter​

Skykit Digital Signage for Dispensaries | Behind the Counter


Throughout Your Store​

Skykit Digital Signage for Dispensaries | Waiting Areas


Outside Your Dispensary​

Skykit Digital Signage for Dispensaries | Outside Your Dispensary

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Digital Menu Board Bundle

Skykit’s Menu Bundle comes with everything you need to turn a screen into an eye-catching digital menu board – for just $40/month, with no upfront costs for hardware. To put it bluntly, you’ve hit the jackpot.

The Menu Bundle Includes:

  • Our streamlined content management system – remotely update content from anywhere.​
  • One media player – turn any standard screen into a digital sign.​
  • Access to hundreds of premade menu templates – choose and customize one you like, or create your own from scratch!​
Skykit Digital Signage for Dispensaries - Examples 2

Skykit beam

Personalized Digital Signage Packages​

Interested in displaying additional content (like social media feeds) or deploying digital signage across multiple dispensaries? Reach out today so that we can customize your digital signage plan.

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