Skykit Dashboard Connections

It’s time to free your dashboards. To bring them out from behind individual screens and into the office. To drive better, faster decisions. Skykit helps you free your dashboards and allows you to share key business metrics securely on your digital signage displays throughout your operations.

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Maximize Your Real-Time Data Investment

You invested in dashboard tools to analyze and visualize your data. And you likely have a team dedicated to building dashboards and reports. But, the tools you invest in have a very limited reach. Until now. Skykit allows you to securely share your dashboards and build alignment and engagement across your whole team – not just the data experts.

Increase Data-Driven Decisions

You’ve got the numbers, now you just have to get them in front of the right eyes. With our secure, cloud-based tool, you’ll be able to showcase your visual dashboards company-wide driving smart decision making across your organization.

Display a Variety of Dashboards

From machine health metrics to sales data, the numbers are constantly shifting. Skykit Dashboard Connections offers real-time data sharing, ensuring that key information remains up to date, and your team stays on track.

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Skykit Beam Digital Signage Dashboards Displays for Manufacturing
Digital Dashboard Connections: Skykit BeamDashboard Connections SSO Providers

Skykit Dashboard Connections work with Single Sign-On (SSO) Providers​

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Digital Dashboard Connections:

Optimal Dashboard Up-Time and Peace of Mind

The Skykit team actively monitors all Dashboard Connections to ensure they function properly. When an issue occurs, Skykit detects it and adjusts our connectors to ensure your information is displaying correctly. For large-scale deployments, our team monitors your business-critical dashboards and provides Proactive Alerts to you, should we uncover potential issues. If a Proactive Alert is deployed, we prioritize fixes to keep you up and running.

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Real-time viewing

We’re not talking a “screenshot” shared every few seconds – we mean real-time data visualization, perfect for organizations in high-tech or high-change sectors.
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User-friendly interface

No headaches or frustrations to be found here! Even the least tech-savvy person can easily set up a dashboard view with our platform.
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Secure data visualization

With single sign-on and direct login options, you’ll be able to keep your data accessible while maintaining your company’s security.
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Numerous connections

Skykit supports endless data connections. Our team is adding new connections quickly and seamlessly to meet your needs.

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