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Unlock More Value From Your Digital Displays

Unlock More Value

Monetize Your Communication Strategy with DOOH Advertising

If your digital signage network is already communicating the right messages in the right places, it might be the perfect candidate to generate revenue: by playing ads, or intermixing ads with your current content strategy.

Skykit’s content management system makes managing Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) media a breeze through scheduling, display location targeting, and proof of play reporting. 

We also integrate with best-in-class ad platforms to help sell and manage ad slots programmatically–streamlining your process and unlocking the potential of your displays.

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Is Monetizing Digital Signage Right For You?

Programmatic advertising can be a great way to subsidize or offset the cost of operating a digital signage network. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Here are some factors to consider to ensure your business is a fit:

Do you have existing direct ads?

Do you have a way to measure traffic?

Do you have a large enough network? (Devices and Locations)

What types of venues are in the network, and where are the displays located?

Does your network of displays meet the quality requirements for DOOH?

Unlock More Value

Why Consider Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising? ​

Research shows in this year alone, global DOOH advertising revenue will grow by 17% to over

$15.5 Billion

In the next few years this value is projected to increase by​


In addition to revenue, DOOH is a proven attention-getter with studies showing Ad Recall of​


It’s one of the fastest growing ad channels for a reason!

Hispanic Indoor Media

Hispanic Indoor Media (HIM) is a leading place based, Out-Of-Home (OOH) media company, with a focus on US-Latino consumers. They own and operate media in a variety of national media networks, including supermarkets, gas stations, dry cleaners and salons. 

Hispanic Indoor Media harnesses Skykit’s platform and 4G LTE Pro Mobile Media Players, powered by Verizon, to deploy and manage their ad network in supermarkets. These LTE devices help ensure a reliable connection, independent of each store’s WiFi network.

Skykit’s platform makes it easy for participating markets to seamlessly integrate their own “house” content alongside the advertising. This strategic approach boosts interaction rates and ad effectiveness—which ensures maximum return on investment. The Skykit platform also provides Proof of Play impression reports for ads (that can be easily shared with advertising partners).

Additionally, HIM manages their devices remotely across multiple geographic locations using Skykit’s device management solution. This allows them to check the health of their media players, see online/offline status, and take screenshots.

Questions to ask

Why Use An Ad Platform?

Ad-serving platforms create an ecosystem that includes an ad exchange, as well as tools to help serve the ads in a way that ad networks are accustomed to. They can help you schedule, monitor, report, and more. Skykit’s ad platform integration can help you:

Create new recurring revenue by selling ad slots on your digital signage displays.

Use ad generated revenue to offset the cost of your digital signage solution.

Provide ad space on displays with high visibility to target audiences.

Eliminate idle displays.

Intermix ads with general digital signage content to boost messaging.

Gain insights about performance with Proof of Play and impression reporting, including total number of plays by campaign ID, device, and date.



Beep transformed their autonomous vehicle passenger experience by incorporating Skykit’s DOOH solution, and leveraging dynamic in-vehicle screen displays—featuring route info, local ads, and entertainment. This innovation enriched the passenger journey for their customers and unlocked new revenue avenues through in-vehicle advertising.

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If you’re ready to see if using the Skykit platform for direct ad serving—or our integrations for programmatic advertising—is right for you, contact us today. Our digital solutions experts will be happy to review these key factors for a successful ad network, and find a plan that works for your business:


Screen Placement + Visibility

A Mix of Advertising + Non-Advertising Content


Measurement + Analytics

The Skykit Solution Platform

Skykit’s purpose is to help you deliver information differently—and unlock great value.

Your employees and customers need critical information. We deliver this through:

  • A scalable communications platform that supports digital transformation and new revenue opportunities.
  • The operational intelligence capabilities needed to make data-driven decisions.
  • Tools and processes to effectively monetize communication.
  • Foundational, right-priced hardware and software to manage and distribute content easily, reliably, and securely.
Content Management

Discover the power of digital signage with our scalable, cloud-based content management system.

Dashboard Connections
Share real-time data securely, on any screen—and help teams make informed decisions at a glance.
Management, Monitoring + Security
Manage your signage device network with ease with a platform specifically built for digital displays and kiosks.