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A cloud-based digital signage platform that’s scalable and simple to use, Skykit Beam was created to be seamless and grow with your business. So whether you’re a small restaurant owner or a communications manager at a large corporation, Skykit Beam is a leading content management tool that will put the power of digital signage at your fingertips.

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Digital Signage Content Management Made Simple.

Designed to help You:

Connect With Your Customers

Attract New Audiences

Deliver Key Messages

Boost Engagement

A Content Management System That’s Powered By You

How do you communicate to customers, employees, and new audiences without exhausting your resources? At Skykit, we believe digital signage is the key to success. Whether you want to publish content across 10 or 10,000 screens, Skykit Beam allows you to do it all with the click of a mouse.

With Beam, you can seamlessly update messaging and promotions across your network, whether you have stores, restaurants, university buildings or manufacturing facilities. Imagine creating attractive service menus within seconds, sharing company news across the world, or even having a massive social media wall. Skykit Beam can turn those dreams into reality.

Skykit Beam Digital Signage Content Management:
Skykit Beam Digital Signage Content Management:
Skykit Beam Digital Signage Content Management:

Skykit has all of the features we need in one application. It’s one of the most intuitive and simple-to-navigate digital signage platforms we have ever used. The user interface is so simple!


Head of Retail Sales


We’re using Skykit to get information out to our students and staff efficiently. Now, we have big visuals for everyone to see as they enter the building. Not many schools have big display walls like we do!


Education Coordinator


We are seeing huge cost-savings after switching to Skykit when you consider maintenance, software updates, and tech support for each location. We spend less time chasing down problems now.


Director of IT


Benefits Of Skykit Beam for Digital Signage

Engage Audiences With The Content They Want

Proven to be more engaging than posters, banners or other types of signage, digital signage isn’t the way of the future, it’s the way of now. Digital signage is the more popular choice, plus it’s easier to update and keep fresh using Skykit Beam.

Save Time and Money

Modify and control your screens from anywhere. This saves lots of time while boosting efficiency and protecting your bottom line. Additionally, Skykit Beam integrates with Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive to seamlessly update and manage content from your cloud-based files.

Increase Reliability While Reducing Downtime

Part of what separates Skykit Beam from other digital signage content management software systems is our reliability. Beam allows you to act quickly, should a screen not be functioning properly, plus we make it easy for your IT team to troubleshoot remotely.

Brand-Defining, On-Point Messaging

Having consistent messaging not only protects your content, it protects your brand. Create content according to your brand guidelines and showcase it anywhere, then confirm it’s perfect anytime you want with Skykit Beam, which allows you to view what is being displayed wherever your screens are located.


Skykit Beam Allows Users To Display a Variety Of Content & Apps

Skykit Beam Digital Signage Content Management: Beam Content Types Slideshows
Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint & Apple Keynotes

Slideshows in Beam enable users to quickly and easily, create, edit, manage, and publish content. Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint Slideshows, and Apple Keynotes enable users to collaborate before they get approval from the digital signage administrator.

Skykit Beam Digital Signage Content Management: Beam Content Features Images

Use images to display graphics created in applications such as Canva, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator, or images from your camera. Simply export them as a JPEG or PNG image file and upload them into Beam.

Skykit Beam Digital Signage Content Management: Beam Content Features Videos
Leverage your displays to become another means to showcase the videos your organization produces. No more static content. Product, training, and marketing videos can be displayed for an engaging experience.
Skykit Beam Digital Signage Content Management: Beam Content Features PDFs

Easily upload PDF files, such as work schedules or company announcements from sources like Google Drive or your own desktop, and then publish them to your displays.

You can also use PDFs to show graphics created in applications like Canva, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator. Simply export them as a PDF document and upload them into Beam.


Display pre-designed information feeds. Simply tell Beam what category of information you want to display and it will take care of the rest. No more worrying about designing great-looking information feeds for your viewers.

RSS – Publish regularly refreshed RSS content feeds from sources like news outlets, blogs, websites, and more to your displays.

Weather – Share reliable, real-time weather information by location – perfect for lobbies and back offices alike. Weather can be shown as Current Conditions, 5 Day Forecast, Hourly, or 36 Hour.

News Feeds – Reuters News, Sports, and Entertainment feeds provide your displays with up-to-date information and reduce the amount of content needed to be generated in-house. Curated content can be specific to region and news type.

Finance and Stocks – Keep eyes on your displays with the latest updates on financial markets and individual stocks.

Skykit Beam Content Ticker | Elevating The Digital Signage Experience
Content Ticker

Showcase company news, events, or custom messaging as a scrolling ticker across the bottom of your screen. Try using custom messaging or simply take advantage of existing RSS feeds, such as Yahoo News or CNN.

Whether your screens are portrait or landscape orientation, you can leverage the ticker layout provided in Beam.

Skykit Beam Digital Signage Content Management: Beam Content Features Code Bundles
Code Bundles

Need to display a newly built touch-friendly kiosk web application? Simply compress the HTML5 files and upload them into Beam.

Since Code Bundles are stored offline, you don’t have to worry about your devices losing internet connection.

Skykit Beam Digital Signage Content Management: Beam Content Types
Dashboard Connections

Skykit helps you free your dashboards and allows you to share real-time business metrics securely on your digital signage screens or TVs throughout your operations via our cloud-based solution.

Now you no longer need to log into each individual screen to showcase your data, which then frees up your time to build dashboards and analyze data to make smart business decisions.​

Skykit Beam Digital Signage Content Management: Beam Content Features Social

Share content on your Displays from websites to hosted applications by URL.

Social Media – Skykit Social Media Feeds powered by Seenspire allows you to use the power of social media throughout your digital signage network. You can curate and filter content according to your needs before it reaches your displays.

Live Streams & Youtube – Bring live content to your audiences using a supported streaming type. Additionally, harness the power of live stream platforms like YouTube Live or Zoom Live streams to broadcast company or industry events.

Web Capture – Showcase snapshots of websites on all of your displays. Choose Web Capture, enter a web address, and Beam will display a screenshot of that webpage.

Web View – Display web pages in real-time on your displays, making displaying items like interactive websites and kiosk applications quick and easy to do.


Unlock The Power of Digital Signage With Our Scalable Content Management System

Whether you’re a small restaurant owner or a communications manager at a large corporation, Skykit Beam is a leading content management tool that will put the power of digital signage at your fingertips.

*additional charges may apply


The best combination of simple & powerful digital signage content management available.

$16Per Screen, Per Month,
Billed Annually
Beam Base Includes:

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Storage
User Roles & Permissions
Images, PDF's and Slideshows: Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote
Web Pages & Interactive Content
Weather Feeds
Social Media Feeds*
Content Scheduling


The right level of simplicity and control to extend the reach and appeal of your digital signage.

$34Per Screen, Per Month,
Billed Annually
All the Power of Base Plus:

RSS, Finance & News Feeds
Videos, Live Streams & YouTube
Display Label Management
Content Tickers


With unrivaled control over your network, enterprise is perfect for large-scale deployments.

$44Per Screen, Per Month,
Billed Annually
All the Power of Base & Pro Plus:

Content Collections
Content Sharing
Device Proof of Play


Clients Maximizing Beam

YMCA_Case_Study_Before YMCA_Case_Study_After

Nonprofit Recreation Centers Use Skykit Beam To Improve Member Awareness of Events

Having digital signage readily available and displayed effectively within this client’s facilities proved challenging. Getting Skykit Beam as their digital signage content management system allowed them to seamlessly present, manage and control messages dynamically while eliminating the use of cluttered bulletin boards to improve the promotion of events.

Skykit Beam Streamlines Menu Pricing For Texas Food Manufacturing And Distribution Company’s Storefront

A client’s retail market wanted to streamline communications, including for menu pricing, which had previously required multiple contributors making frequent, laborious updates. After installing Skykit Beam, menu and pricing changes from multiple sources could be fed into one Google Sheet that has been easy to update in real-time.

Skykit Beam Digital Signage Content Management: Skykit Control Scene 1


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