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Skykit Dashboard Connections

Boost Decision-Making with Real-Time Dashboard Displays

Share real-time performance metrics securely on any screen! Display Power BI, Tableau, Salesforce, Domo, and countless other live dashboards to inspire teams and enable them to make informed decisions at a glance.

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Unlock Your Data’s Potential with Real-Time Dashboard Displays

So, you’ve invested in dashboard tools and crafted beautiful, detailed reports, only to find their reach extremely limited? You’re not alone in this challenge! Thankfully, we’ve solved this issue with Dashboard Connections, a real-time reporting solution for Beam Digital Signage.

Information once limited to decision-makers is now accessible to all through digital signage data visualization. Display vital data such as organizational goals, sales progress, and production KPIs on screens throughout your facilities to inspire shared ownership and alignment. With Skykit, you can securely share your dashboards to the appropriate audiences without hassle. Leverage the power of Skykit media players to transform any flat screen into a dashboard display and employee engagement powerhouse.

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Real-Time Dashboard Displays Provide Uninterrupted Insight

We keep a watchful eye on Dashboard Connections, making sure they function and authenticate flawlessly. If something goes wrong, we detect it instantly and make the necessary adjustments so your information never misses a beat. Just one more way we make it easy to securely share your dashboards to the appropriate audiences without hassle.

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Connect, Display, and Empower with Real-Time Dashboard Displays

From machine health metrics to sales data, staying current is essential. Skykit Dashboard Connections offer real-time data sharing to ensure your team always has up-to-the-minute insights. Connect your favorite tools like Chartio, Hubspot, Google Data Studio, New Relic, Datadog, and more to Beam, and let your large format screens come alive with vibrant, real-time data.

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