Digital Signage For Education​

Launch powerful communications throughout your school system or educational institution with digital signage solutions and space reservation software for students and faculty.
Skykit Beam Digital Signage Content Management Solution for Education and Universities - Examples



Digital Signage

Engage faculty, staff, and your student body by transforming standard screens into captivating digital displays.



Faculty & Student Check-In​

Keep track of crowd flow in and out of key buildings with our visitor management solution.



Space Booking

Ensure that students and faculty get the most out of available meeting spaces with desk and meeting room reservation software.

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Digital Signage For Schools, Universities, And More​

Easily share content at the location level or within your school district with Skykit Beam. This powerful content management system can be used to share school news, menu boards, events, emergency alerts, and other key information. Ready to leverage digital signage for education?

Skykit Beam Digital Signage Content Management Solution for Education and Universities - Examples

Turn any screen into a captivating digital display, and unlock the power of corporate digital signage.

Quickly and easily share information to just a few or a few thousand screens all at once.

Display a wide variety of content types, from menu boards to school schedules to social media feeds.

Consider using your digital signage to meet your Homeland Security Emergency Alert requirements, or put federal grant money to good use.


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Faculty And Student Check-In​

Skykit Turf Check-In gives you invaluable insight into the flow of visitors, faculty, staff, and students into and out of your facilities.

Skykit Turf Check-In Solution for Education and Universities

Upload and manage a secure employee/faculty directory.

Generate secure activity logs to understand facility use and traffic.

Use Turf’s check-in capabilities to comply with security and safety recommendations.

Maximize staff and faculty efficiency while minimizing needless admin work.


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Space Booking​

Whether it’s a computer lab, study spaces, or meeting rooms, your facility’s spaces are precious resources. Ensure that students and staff get the most out of them with Turf Space Booking, a powerful meeting room and desk hoteling system.

Skykit Turf Hoteling, Space Booking and Meeting Room Solution for Education and Universities

Allow faculty or students to book desks, study spots, meeting rooms, and more while on the go or using their calendars.

Keep traffic moving with at-a-glance space displays that allow visitors to easily determine the availability of a room.

Eliminate space misuse and double-booked rooms.

Help your faculty and staff take full advantage of the many spaces your facility or campus has to offer.

Skykit Beam Digital Signage Content Management Solution for Education - Examples

See What Digital Signage Can Do for Your School

Digital signage is a powerful tool, and the Skykit team has invested untold time and effort into developing a platform that allows you to get the most out of it. Interested in seeing Skykit Beam in action?