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The Power of Real-Time Data Visualizations


In the contemporary business landscape, effective leadership relies on harnessing the potential of data-driven decision-making. Access to data has never been easier, but the true game-changer is real-time data.

Skykit’s Journey with Real-Time Data

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The Challenge of Displaying Data

At Skykit, we recognize the pivotal role real-time data plays in enhancing customer service, product management, operational optimization, and, notably, IT infrastructure monitoring.

The latter is of utmost importance, providing organizations with comprehensive visibility into complex network performance.

However, the sheer volume of real-time data can be overwhelming without the right tools.

We discovered that investing in data and analytics tools was essential to gaining comprehensive insights from our real-time data streams.

Yet, data visualization tools have their limitations, especially when it comes to accessibility across an organization.

Engage Employees with Data, No Matter Where They Are

Challenges in Data Display

A few years ago, a customer approached us with a unique challenge – displaying key metrics and dashboards on screens across their corporate campus. While they used a popular data analytics tool, their reach was limited.

Sharing URLs through Skykit’s digital signage system didn’t meet security standards; authentication was necessary.

Our engineering team faced technical challenges but successfully solved them, enabling the secure display of real-time data and dashboards. This success led us to explore the demand for data display on digital screens across various organizations.

Engaging Employees with Data Everywhere

Many organizations wanted to display their data and dashboards on digital screens but faced obstacles like gaining remote access, frequent authentication, and scaling the process across multiple locations.

Skykit’s Dashboard Connections solution emerged from this need. We tested it in-house, making our dashboards accessible on all our screens. The results were remarkable – employees engaged with key performance indicators (KPIs) that impact our business.

The engagement extended beyond our offices, as remote and hybrid work became the norm. Skykit Beam enabled the secure connection of dashboards to home offices via 10-inch displays, fostering real-time data access and decision-making.

Customers experienced similar engagement benefits when their real-time data and dashboards went live on digital signage. Employees started asking questions, making suggestions, and responding swiftly to issues.

A Creative Evolution in Data Display

Customers’ creativity in dashboard placement soared. Dashboards were no longer confined to C-Suite offices; they appeared on sales floors, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and more.

Skykit’s secure and scalable Dashboard Connections solution unlocked the potential of real-time data. Our development team continues to expand connections to SaaS-based solutions daily, offering limitless possibilities for data display.

We’re proud of our role in advancing real-time data displays and digital signage.

Connect with our dashboard experts to maximize your real-time data displays with Skykit Beam and propel your organization to data-driven success.

Connect with our dashboard experts to capitalize on your real-time data displays with Skykit Beam.

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