Device Management for Digital Signage

It can be tough to find a reliable way to remotely secure and manage devices across a digital signage network. That’s why we developed Skykit Control, a device management tool purpose-built for digital signage.

Skykit Control Device Management Solution for Digital Signage

Take Control of Your Digital Signage Network

Unlike your typical enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions, which are often costly and inefficient, Skykit Control is built specifically for digital signage. Whether you’re pushing content to just a few screens or managing a network of thousands, Control puts digital signage device management at your fingertips. 

Remotely monitor device status, update software, and troubleshoot in real time. With two editions packed with key features, you’ll be able to exercise the perfect level of control over your digital signage network.

Skykit Control Editions and Features

Skykit Control Device Management Solution for Digital Signage - Admin Reporting

Device-Level Management

Device lockdown

Limit Skykit hardware or validated partner devices to single-app mode.

Automatic Skykit App updates

Get automatic updates to Home, Control, and Player apps.

Device Status

Easily view online/offline status per device from within the Skykit Beam Displays menu.

Network-Level Management

Device commands

Remotely reset, restart, update, and otherwise control devices.

Device health and network status

Monitor device and network performance.

Tenant logs

View all logs posted to devices in a tenant.

Skykit Control Device Management Solution for Digital Signage - Proof of Play

See How Skykit Control Works

Whether you’re still researching or are ready to implement an enterprise-grade solution, we’ve got you covered with secure device management for digital signage.

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