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Purpose-Built: The Key to Reliable Digital Signage


Why Business Strategy Demands Purpose-Built Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage can be found everywhere these days. From retail stores, restaurants, museums, corporate offices, schools, and more. But as digital signage continues to evolve, more and more businesses realize the benefits

Purpose-Built: The Key to Reliable Digital Signage: Digital Signage Business Strategy Blog
Purpose-Built: The Key to Reliable Digital Signage 1

Purpose-built devices for digital signage are designed to display dynamic content on a commercial digital signage network. 

Besides being engineered for durability, customizability, security enhancements, and the specialized features necessary in professional settings, purpose-built digital signage devices are designed to:

  • Run 24/7
  • Provide remote management at scale
  • Display content full-screen without distraction
  • Integrate with content management systems

The Problem With Using Consumer Devices

Consumer devices built on operating systems like Chrome or Amazon’s Fire OS are primarily designed for web browsing and entertainment. When repurposed for digital signage, they come with risks:

  • Not Optimized For Continuous Operation
    Consumer devices are designed for intermittent personal use. Running a digital sign nonstop puts more stress on components and can lead to premature failure. Specialized design elements ensure the longevity of purpose-built signage players.

  • Potential Vulnerabilities From Unneeded Features
    General devices include many unneeded features for signage use cases, like cameras, microphones, and location tracking. Each component is a vulnerability that could be exploited if not properly secured. Purpose-built devices omit unnecessary functions.

  • Difficulty Updating + Securing At Scale
    Keeping a large deployment of consumer devices updated and secured is challenging. Purpose-built signage devices are designed for centralized remote management at scale.

Users benefit from increased stability, security, and manageability by starting with an operating system engineered specifically for digital signage rather than attempting to adopt a general-purpose OS.

Purpose-built systems minimize software maintenance while enabling devices to dedicate resources to reliably displaying dynamic content.

The Benefits of Purpose-Built Hardware + Firmware

Manufacturers can customize and optimize the hardware components and configuration when building devices specifically for digital signage. This allows the selection of reliable, high-performance parts suited for the anticipated usage.

For example:
Digital signage devices require stable, continual operation. Components like the RAM and storage can be chosen accordingly. Manufacturers may utilize commercial-grade drives or enterprise-level RAM certified for 24/7 uptime.

In addition, hardware can be simplified by removing unnecessary features. Many consumer devices include components to enable functions not needed in digital signage.

Eliminating these reduces potential failure points and vulnerabilities for attack. This improves security and may also enhance stability and performance.

Overall, the ability to customize the hardware and firmware for the specific application allows creating a simplified but robust device. The components are selected based on the anticipated usage, removing unneeded elements while hardening key functions.

Insist on Purpose-Built

Using consumer devices for business purposes comes with risks. Chrome and Fire TV OS are designed primarily to serve the business goals of Google and Amazon. Not to provide reliable digital signage.

That’s why it pays to choose professional, purpose-built digital signage players. With a purpose-built device, you can be confident it’s optimized for your specific use case.

The hardware and software is engineered solely to deliver reliable digital signage, without other competing priorities. An added benefit is enhanced security since unnecessary apps and features are removed.

While repurposing a consumer device may seem convenient upfront, you risk poor performance, lack of support, and shifting business priorities down the road.

With a purpose-built player, you get the assurance that every component is designed to support your digital signage needs today – and into the future.

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