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Transform your workplace to be more engaging, more empowering, and more data-driven. Our suite of solutions allows you to streamline how you manage your digital signage, Android devices, meeting spaces, visitors and more.
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Easy-to-Use, Purpose-Built and Cloud-Based Solutions

Our infinitely scalable solutions allow businesses of all sizes to more easily manage large and dispersed digital signage and kiosk networks. Customers across key industries – advertising, manufacturing,  transportation and logistics, warehousing, education and more – rely on Skykit to help them seamlessly share content on digital screens, manage visitors and meeting spaces, and remotely manage and deploy Android-based devices.

Skykit has built our solutions with an intuitive interface so you don’t have to be tech-savvy to get started! Whatever your target audience, budget, or operating limits, we’ve got you covered with seamless digital signage and workplace experience solutions.

Cloud-based content management at your fingertips.

Push critical communications, promotions, and more to any number of screens.
Skykit turf display product checkin meeting

Space reservation software and employee and visitor management systems.

Boost workplace efficiency and improve the employee experience.

Device management for digital signage.

Keep track of your digital signage network from anywhere.
Skykit Control Device Management Solution for Digital Signage
Skykit Innovative Digital Signage and Workplace Experience Solutions: Skykit Beam Dashboard Connections
Skykit Dashboard Connections (Add-On)

Free your data with Skykit Beam Dashboard Connections

Engage employees and give them the data to act. When data and dashboards are made available to everyone, employees understand their impact and drive great results. Leaders make informed data-driven decisions. Skykit securely brings your data visualization tools to your digital displays.

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