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Skykit Unveils Android Device Management Platform

Skykit Announces Revolutionary Standalone Android Device Management Platform to Streamline Digital Display Management

Skykit’s Android device management platform enables organizations to efficiently manage and monitor their digital display networks, regardless of size. 

Skykit Control Android-Based Device Managment

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – March 22, 2023 –  Skykit is improving how companies manage their network of digital displays.

Control is now available as an Android device management platform for digital displays and Android applications as a standalone solution.

Organizations that leverage an Android device management platform increase their device network’s productivity and reduce the time spent on managing their applications and displays.

“The digital landscape is rapidly evolving, and we recognize the increasing complexities that come with managing expansive digital networks,” states Irfan Khan, CEO and co-founder of Skykit.

“Our customers require powerful tools to manage their applications and display networks effectively, helping them maximize profits and streamline communication.”

Skykit Control offers customers a dependable management solution to scale networks, troubleshoot remotely, and gain real-time insight into device activity.

“We constantly strive to provide our customers with the most advanced tools for managing their kiosks and digital displays,” says Paul Lundberg, Skykit CTO.

“Control streamlines our device network management, and with it now available as a standalone solution, businesses can scale and manage web apps, native apps, or CMS products on scaled networks of Android SOC and media players, providing flexibility and customization for maximizing their digital display network’s potential.”

Control empowers organizations to quickly deploy applications and updates to Android devices, eliminating downtime, service disruptions, and lost time and revenue.

With its zero-touch deployment capabilities, effortless large-scale deployment, and device-agnostic software, Control is the ideal solution for bringing third-party hardware into your project.

The latest version of Control has been thoroughly tested and validated by current clients, who are managing thousands of devices with ease.

It’s available as an add-on for Skykit Beam, or as a standalone product that can support Android APKs and devices, giving you complete flexibility to choose the best option for your needs. For more information about this new version of Control, visit


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