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Burris Logistics Situation Overview

Burris Logistics is a frozen food logistics warehousing company providing end-to-end supply chain solutions with 14 locations and a workforce of 1,700 team members. From cold storage and custom distribution to logistics technology and direct-to-consumer fulfillment, Burris believes in creating healthy long-term relationships to ensure a premium experience for customers throughout the supply chain. 

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The Challenge

With 14 separate locations along the East Coast, finding an effective communication solution with 1,000 non-tethered team members was a sizable challenge for the Burris communications team. Critical safety messaging, important HR information, and employee recognition all had to be done using paper notices; this was resource-intensive – both in time and print materials. In the late 2000s two locations began using a rudimentary signage system, a USB plugged into the TV, but the content grew stale and it wasn’t an effective way to communicate across the organization.

In addition to communicating company policies, the team at Burris Logistics needed a way to share timely information with team members working at the receiving and shipping docks. Warehouse team members needed to know what was next to be picked, palleted, and shipped. Real-time information was critical to helping ensure optimal productivity.

The Skykit Beam Solution

After connecting with a reseller partner, Burris chose to implement Skykit Beam throughout their headquarters and warehouse locations. Burris’ digital signage is located in the break rooms and at the receiving and shipping docks. With Skykit’s easy-to-use CMS, keeping content fresh is no longer a challenge. Burris’ content manager is able to easily distribute content to the right screens in the right locations at the right time. Weekly safety updates, company milestones, and social media feeds keep team members in the know.

Warehouse team members have better visibility into company announcements, safety metrics and goals, and critical deadlines. While at the docks, team members have access to real-time data as to what needs to be picked, palleted, and shipped. At Burris headquarters, Skykit is also used on the 10” ELO display in their multipurpose room to help share the history and vision of Burris Logistics with visitors to the organization. 

The Results

Since implementing Skykit, the team at Burris has been blown away by positive results from content they are sharing on digital screens. In a 2022 survey of team members, 93% of respondents were aware of the Skykit displays across the Burris Logistics locations. And, 70% of respondents make it a point to view the displays on a regular basis, while 50% view the displays daily.

In order to make content relevant and current, teams from across the organization contribute on a regular basis.

Marketing Department

Burris Logistics social media feeds powered by Seenspire

Safety Department

Weekly safety messaging, goals, and wins

Marketing Department

Announcements about new systems, policies, and wellness deadlines


Production data and cyber security messaging

Burris Logistics Leadership Team

Voice of the Team Member, announcements, and employee recognition