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Efficient Campus Management: The University of Georgia's Facilities Team Leverages Digital Signage

Efficient Campus Management: UGA's Facilities Team Revolutionizes Communication with Beam

Efficient Campus Management: The University of Georgia's Facilities Team Leverages Digital Signage

The University Of Georgia: A Legacy Of Excellence

The University of Georgia (UGA) is a distinguished U.S. educational institution, nurturing over 37,000 students to become future leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers. With a legacy spanning 235 years, UGA is committed to a mission of leadership and service.

A Sprawling Campus

UGA’s sprawling campus, known as Dawg Nation, covers an impressive 10 square miles and houses over 465 school buildings, all nestled in Athens, Georgia.

Efficient Campus Management: The University of Georgia's Facilities Team Leverages Digital Signage
The Challenge

means to communicate real-time campus communications efficiently

Traditional employee communication methods proved insufficient for UGA’s dispersed Facilities Team. Given the vast campus and the unreliable email access for many team members, email communication was not a viable solution. Additionally, maintaining paper communications across numerous locations proved unsustainable. 

They faced several key challenges:

Real-time Information

The need to communicate real-time information to ensure campus safety.

Lack of Email Access

Inadequate email access for employees, hindering effective communication.

Decentralized Check-in

Decentralized employee check-in locations causing fragmentation.

24/7 Shift Changes

Three shift changes necessitating round-the-clock communication planning.

The Facilities Management Team Breakdown

of the 800 team members are deskless
of the 800 team members work outdoors
The Solution

Skykit Beam Digital Signage

The facilities team turned to digital signage as an efficienct way to reach their team members across campus. With displays strategically placed throughout campus, the UGA FM team can remotely manage team member communications.

Efficent Campus Management:
Skykit Beam provided a robust solution, enabling the team to proactively share communications including

Efficient Campus Management: The University of Georgia's Facilities Team Leverages Digital Signage
"I am responsible for ensuring my team members have access to the latest university news and critical information they need to be successful in their roles. I have found Skykit very simple to use. It’s easy for me to update content and provide our team with the necessary information - whether that’s the latest 401K offering or the news that snow is on its way."
University of Georgia
Craig Smolenski
Professional Development & Organizational Communications Coordinator
The Results

Efficient Campus Management & Streamlined Communications

UGA’s Facilities leadership team has successfully employed Skykit Beam for over two years, updating content weekly and monthly while receiving valuable content from other university departments. This ensures team members stay informed.

Efficient Campus Management: UGA's Facilities Team Leverages Digital Signage: The University of Georgia Case Study 5

Engaging Content

Dawg team members appreciate engaging content, including:

  • Football schedules
  • Employee recognition
  • New job alerts
  • Team surveys
  • Easy access to health screenings and critical information
  • Weekly health updates

What's Next

UGA’s Facilities Team remains committed to finding creative ways to engage team members, such as making Open Enrollment more enjoyable or creating team member appreciation videos. Their goal is to enhance communication within the Dawg Nation.

Future Expansion

UGA is open to expanding their digital signage displays, and with Skykit, it’s a seamless process—requiring only a screen, media player, and internet connection.

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