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Lexington Manufacturing Opens Doors to Communication Using Skykit

Use Case

Corporate Communications




Lexington Manufacturing is a trusted manufacturer of architectural door and window components serving schools, hospitals, clinics, hotels, offices and apartment buildings across the United States. The company is known for the strength, quality and consistency of its door components, as well as its customized service and delivery options.

Lexington’s use of digital signage began when an extra flat screen display became available and was put to use in the lobby as digital signage. The concept was embraced and as the company grew, screens  were deployed in all three Lexington locations in each lobby to greet visitors; in break rooms to share employee-related information; and in meeting rooms to enhance the sharing of reports and presentations.

The Challenge

With digital displays in the reception areas, meeting rooms and break rooms, the simple but successful concept started to get complicated. The company was running PowerPoint (PPT) presentations on a loop in each lobby to greet visitors and customers, and the application would crash frequently.

In addition, whenever a PPT was updated the IT team would need to update each location individually. This meant that the IT department was updating multiple PPT presentations, several times a week, at every location. This constant maintenance was an unexpectedly time-consuming task. Lexington reached out to RedHouseMedia, the communications company hosting its website, for ideas.

The Skykit Beam Solution

RedHouseMedia recommended Skykit Beam digital signage content management system (CMS). Red House knew that Skykit would be quick to install and easy to use. In fact, Lexington could assign their user credentials directly to RedHouseMedia so that the agency could manage content creation and updates remotely, relieving the burden from the talented but lean IT department.

Skykit is designed for infinite scalability – so no matter how much content Lexington creates, and how many displays they deploy, they will never outgrow the digital signage CMS. Users create and edit content with the tools they already use every day like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Google Slides. Images, presentations, video files and more are uploaded right from a computer or mobile device. The Lexington or RedHouseMedia teams can make changes in real time, or schedule updates to go live at specific displays.

The Results

Lexington’s IT department has seen savings in several categories:


Hours freed up from the tedious demands of PowerPoint updates at multiple locations.


Devices used with Skykit are less expensive than the hardware they were previously using.

Server Storage

All content created in Skykit is stored in the Cloud, freeing up space on the network and facilitating fast updates at all locations from one device.

The company now has a simple, intuitive way to communicate consistent messages to staff, customers and prospects. Here are some of the types of information Lexington is sharing with Skykit:

  • In the Lobby – Welcome boards that greet visitors with a personalized message; updates about the company such as financial reports and growth; weather and traffic information that is easily shared from the internet.
  • In the Breakroom – Company info; employee recognition; weather and traffic.
  • Meeting Rooms – Reports, presentations, training videos, and safety information.

Skykit is user friendly for everyone. Lexington administrative staff have embraced the CMS, and RedHouseMedia also has the ability to create and manage content.