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Skykit Beam Grafana Dashboards Integration

Integrate Grafana Dashboards with Skykit for Engaging Digital Signage

Grafana: Skykit Beam Grafana Dashboard Connections

Explore Your Data as a Team Through Grafana Dashboards + Skykit Integration

Anyone on your team can build a Grafana dashboard to help give insightful meaning to data collected from numerous sources. But, once that dashboard is built, how often and how easily can you share it broadly?

With Skykit, you can securely display your Grafana dashboards to any number of digital screens, like TVs, in any number of locations. We do all the heavy lifting from our cloud-based digital signage CMS so you don’t have to manually update your screens each time you want to review a different dashboard or update the data in real-time.

Bring more visibility to your Grafana dashboards by connecting them to any TV, monitor or digital screen – no matter where they are located throughout offices or team areas. Skykit allows you to easily display fast and furious visualizations of any kind.

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Skykit Beam Dashboard Connections with Grafana Dashboards

Why connect a Grafana dashboard to Skykit digital signage?

Increase team collaboration around key data metrics and trends

Provide a heads-up display of your dashboards to allow your team to monitor in real-time while working individually within other programs

Easily display multiple dashboards using our program or playlist functionality, creating a revolving screen of important visualizations

Sharing real-time data visualizations and dashboards on digital signage displays has been found to increase employee engagement and improve processes and business outcomes.

Who is Skykit?

Skykit is a leading workplace experience and digital signage platform. Skykit Beam, our cloud-based digital signage CMS,  allows you to push content to any number of screens. Organizations of all sizes rely on Skykit to display real-time data on screens throughout offices, warehouses and manufacturing plants.

Skykit’s Dashboard Connections solution solves a critical challenge many IT teams face in securely authenticating tools, like Grafana, to digital screens at scale. 

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Captivate your Audiences with Grafana on the Big Screen

Skykit Beam Dashboard Connections with Grafana Dashboards

But wait! There’s more!

In addition to data visualization tools, many organizations also leverage SaaS platforms (like intranets or operational platforms) across teams. Skykit can easily authenticate more than 30 software solutions to digital signage, creating even more robust and real-time displays and further engaging employees.

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