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10 Locations to Share Powerful Real-Time Data with Employees


Real-Time Data Is Powerful.

We all understand the power of data, and interpreting and sharing your data in a meaningful way helps employees across organizations understand business performance. Ensuring all employees have real-time visibility into this data presents another challenge.

Skykit’s digital signage solution now includes real-time data displays, more commonly known as dashboards. A dashboard solution allows organizations to easily display a digital dashboard or intranet site across any number of screens all in real-time.

By connecting business dashboards to digital signage, all employees in a smart workspace can quickly see how a company is performing against key metrics and take actions to ensure the company, department or team stays on track.

So by now, you might understand the value of live dashboards, but where do you put them to have the most impact?

Here are our top 10 locations for showcasing your data visualizations or departmental dashboards.

1. C-Suite Offices

10 Locations to Share Powerful Real-Time Data with Employees: Skykit Blog 10 Locations to Share Real Time Data with Employees C Suite Offices

Share financial metrics from sales results, overall company financial performance, progress on key initiatives, and more with your organization’s top leaders. These live visualizations of dashboards you already use such as Salesforce, Tableau, or PowerBI, provide real-time visibility into business performance.

2. Sales Floors

Real-Time Data Skykit Dashboards used in a corporate sales floor

If your sales team uses leaderboards to measure individual performance against others in the team, displaying them live on the sales floor can motivate employees through competition and a desire to win. Display your dashboards through Skykit Beam. Real-time insights into sales metrics boost productivity amongst your sales team to foster friendly competition.

3. Manufacturing/Production Floors

Real-Time Data Skykit Dashboards used in a manufacturing setting to display metrics

Keep production KPIs top of mind for employees on the manufacturing floor. Digital signage dashboards can display live production schedules, finish rates and help managers identify when teams are about to fall behind. This data available in real-time reduces waste and helps promote LEAN principles.

4. Customer Support Areas

Real-Time Data Skykit Dashboards used in a corporate office customer support area

Share your customer support ticketing system with real-time information on ticket status, common issues, top customer support personnel, and more. Real-time insight into your customer service portal, like Zendesk, will help customer support agents make the right decisions to address current customer needs.

5. Call Centers

Skykit Dashboards used in a corporate office call center

Keep your call center agents up to date with the latest customer queue information. Showcase your call center analytics to your agents through Skykit’s Dashboard Connections technology to help them make the best decisions to support your customers.

6. Loading docks

Skykit Dashboards used in a manufacturing loading doc area

Know what is coming in and what is going out all in real-time. Decrease the amount of time trucks spend at the dock waiting for their shipment to be found and loaded. Increase the number of goods out the door and into the hands of customers. Display live quantities with real-time data so you know just how much inventory you have on hand.

7. Visitor Spaces

Real-Time Data Skykit Dashboards used in an office with employee spaces

Share your own company’s dashboard with visitors to your building. Whether it’s production data, the number of employees, customers, or locations real-time data can help visitors understand what your organization is all about.

8. Product Development Offices

Real-Time Data Skykit Dashboards used in Product development office

Share your product team’s roadmap with key audiences. Your Jira dashboard, or other product engineering tool, gives employees insight as to how teams are tracking against stated product roadmaps and initiatives.

9. Marketing Departments

Real-Time Data Skykit Dashboards in a Marketing department in an office space

Marketing teams invest in growing brand awareness, attracting new customers, and engaging existing customers; real-time dashboards can showcase what channels are reaching expected performance levels. Skykit’s dashboard tool allows you to share the marketing team’s Google Analytics dashboards in real-time with the right people. The power of showcasing the data you already have empowers teams to continually work towards the next goal.

10. Employee Break Rooms

Real-Time Data Skykit Dashboards in an Office Breakroom

Break rooms offer an opportunity to share a wide variety of real-time data with employees. The type of dashboard you will want to display will vary depending on the location of your break room and the audience utilizing the space. Use employee downtime to keep them informed of the latest company metrics to help boost engagement and productivity.

Skykit Dashboard Connections allow organizations to make data-driven decisions by keeping their data accessible and secure.

Connect with a Skykit team member to see how Skykit Dashboard Connections can help you make the most of your data.


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