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Skykit Unveils the E400 Media Player: Redefining Digital Signage Experiences with LTE Connectivity

Skykit, a leading provider of digital signage solutions, is proud to introduce the powerful and versatile E400 Media Player—designed to elevate the digital signage experience with unparalleled performance and mobility.

The Skykit E400 Media Player offers a range of features and capabilities that ensure exceptional performance for demanding applications, including:

Skykit Unveils the E400 Media Player: Redefining Digital Signage Experiences with LTE Connectivity: E400 Media Player
  • LTE connectivity for reliable and secure content delivery anytime, anywhere.
  • Crisp 4K visuals, enabling high-definition display quality.
  • Dual output support, suitable for large-scale digital signage networks.

Seamless Connectivity with LTE

A standout feature of the Skykit E400 Media Player is its integrated LTE connectivity, which guarantees reliable content delivery in areas with challenging internet access. This built-in capability offers a seamless solution for businesses looking to avoid additional hardware on existing networks—which can be a barrier to implementation for IT and Security teams that must maintain stringent policies and procedures. 

Built-in LTE connectivity meets a growing need in the market for a solution that overcomes requirements for additional (often high-cost) devices, such as LTE gateways or routers. Ideal for organizations with dispersed or remote locations, the E400 leverages cellular networks to ensure continuous operation of displays—keeping your content ‘always on’ so audiences never miss out.

With the E400, you can transport your audience into a visually stunning world thanks to innovative features that enable:

  • High-Resolution Audio + 4K Video
  • Dynamic Web Pages
  • Kiosk Web Applications
  • Secured Dashboards
  • News and Infotainment
  • Live Streams

“The Skykit E400 Media Player sets a new standard for digital signage solutions,” said Skykit Senior Account Executive, Rob Bosworth. “This innovative device not only delivers superior performance and versatility but also comes with LTE connectivity for secure and reliable content delivery.

When combined with Skykit’s Control offering, this device should help solve one of the largest issues facing digital signage customers today: maintaining network connectivity when WiFi passwords or network configurations change—which has immediate impacts on device functionality.

Providing a primary or backup LTE connection ensures non-stop internet connectivity, which for many customers means major cost savings and elimination of costly truck rolls.”

The Skykit E400 Media Player is the perfect solution for ultra-reliable performance for large-scale signage networks, or the secure delivery of private dashboards. It represents the exciting next generation of digital signage technology. Click here for more information about the E400’s range of features and capabilities.

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