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Datadog Dashboard Integration With Skykit​

Connect your Datadog dashboard to any number of TVs, monitors or digital screens quickly and securely using Skykit Beam Dashboard Connections. Our integration allows you to remotely push your dashboard to digital signage without the need for USB drives, individual computers connected to screens or other manual inputs. Once you are up and running with your dashboards on screens, you and your team can monitor your KPIs in real-time from any office location in the world.

Skykit Digital Signage
Content Management

Skykit Beam is a powerful digital signage content management system that allows you to push content to any number of screens. Seamlessly share your real-time dashboards, using a standard webview or our secure Dashboard Connections tool. Rely on SSO? Not a problem; we can securely authenticate your Datadog dashboard to media players and screens.

Once you’ve authenticated your dashboard, you can build playlists that incorporate other dynamic data such as company news, safety updates, video content, social media feeds, emergency notifications and more. We say the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can share on digital signage to engage employees and visitors.

Sharing your Real-Time Datadog dashboard

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Real-time viewing

We’re not talking a “screenshot” shared every few seconds – we mean real-time data visualization, perfect for organizations in high-tech or high-change sectors.
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User-friendly interface

No headaches or frustrations to be found here! Even the least tech-savvy person can easily set up a dashboard view with our platform.
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Secure data visualization

With single sign-on and direct login options, you’ll be able to keep your data accessible while maintaining your company’s security.
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Numerous connections

Skykit supports endless data connections. Our team is adding new connections quickly and seamlessly to meet your needs.

Increase Data-Driven Decisions

You’ve connected your systems to Datadog and built the best dashboards, now you just have to get them in front of the right eyes. With our secure, cloud-based tool, you’ll be able to showcase your visual dashboards wherever your team needs to see them to drive smart decision making across your organization.

Rely on More than Datadog?

We get it. Companies around the world rely on a number of data dashboard tools to track important business KPIs. With Skykit Beam, you can connect as many dashboards as you would like and specific which screens you want to feature which dashboards. Check out all our Dashboard Connections.

See it in Action!

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