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Skykit and Chief Partner: Impressive Workspace Management Solution

Skykit Workspace Management Solution SKD10 10" display with skykit logo and chief logo with Kontour wall mount

Customers will now be able to access a comprehensive workspace management solution of hardware and software to simplify meeting room and desk booking as well as employee and visitor management.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – March 28, 2022 Skykit, a leading digital signage and workplace experience provider, announces a partnership with Chief®, a brand of Legrand | AV.

Together they have developed an all-new comprehensive package – including both software and hardware – designed for meeting room and desk booking, as well as employee and visitor check-in and check-out. As more and more companies return to the workplace, facility managers and operations leaders are seeking solutions for visitor management to make the return to the office seamless.

“Our customers want an easy way to prepare their office for employees to return – both full-time and hybrid,” said Irfan Khan, CEO, and co-founder of Skykit. “We are now able to bring them award-winning solutions from Skykit and Chief and help them manage their space more efficiently.”

The new comprehensive solution includes Skykit’s Turf line of cloud-based software, a Skykit 10” touch screen display, SKD10, and Chief’s KontourTM wall mount, K0W100B, to help companies get up and running quickly and efficiently.

“As organizations move quickly to return employees to the office,” Legrand | AV’s Digital Signage Manager, Michelle Montazeri said, “facility managers are pressured to produce spaces conducive to all-new ways of working. We’re proud to work with Skykit and be part of the solution.”

To learn more about Skykit and request more information about Turf and the comprehensive solution with Chief, visit


About Skykit LLC

Skykit is a leading provider of cloud-based digital signage and workspace experience platforms that make customer and employee communication simple.

The company’s award-winning platform is scalable, making it the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes, across a variety of industries.

About Chief

Chief has more than 40 years of proven product and service excellence. Committed to responding to industry needs, Chief offers a complete line of mounts, storage and accessories for TVs, displays, monitors, projectors and other AV components.

With numerous product awards and patented designs, Chief provides innovative features and is recognized for delivering quality products and knowledgeable, helpful customer service.

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