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City of Farmington Upgrades Digital Signage in Municipal Buildings

The City of Farmington Upgrades to Skykit Digital Signage Content Management Solution

The City of Farmington, N.M., has selected Skykit as their solution provider to upgrade digital signage in municipal buildings for the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department. The project will transition stand-alone screens into a networked solution that allows content to be managed and displayed remotely

. Once installed, city employees will be able to more quickly and efficiently share information with citizens and employees in multiple locations.

Today, screens are located in the pools, recreation center, community center, senior center, civic center, museums, the animal shelter, and city hall.

“We chose to work with Skykit as they are a proven solution for the City of Farmington,” said Christa Chapman, the marketing and public relations specialist in the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs department.

“Our police department has been working with Skykit for a number of years and values how easy Skykit Beam and media players are to use.”

Screens managed by the department showcase useful information about the various facilities and the services they offer, upcoming events and meetings, and other city-wide information. Prior to selecting Skykit, the department maintained digital signage in municipal buildings, but posted content to each one individually.

“We find that our citizens and employees appreciate the information we share across our digital screens; however, our process to update that content was manual and time-consuming,” Chapman said. 

“We are proud to work with the City on this initiative,” said Phil Burroughs, chief revenue officer at Skykit. “Our local government customers, like Farmington, need to convey important information quickly and easily. Our solution not only enables that, but also is affordable and scalable to meet the City’s long-term needs.”

The City of Farmington will install Skykit’s SKP3 media players, which enable the screens to connect to Skykit Beam, the company’s cloud-based content management system (CMS). From there, City staff will leverage Beam to upload and share content that is relevant and informational to their audiences.

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