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Powerful RSS Feeds for Offices: Why You Need Them


Powerful RSS Feeds for Offices

RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication) can help keep the information on your digital screens fresh, relevant, and engaging for your audience.

This is critical if you want employees, visitors, and other stakeholders to monitor your digital signage for important updates and content.

What do RSS feeds do?

An RSS feed takes the latest updates from certain websites and transforms them into an easy-to-read format. Connect the feed to Skykit Beam to easily display headlines, summaries, and update notices. Also, with the new ticker layout in Skykit Beam, you can have your RSS feed running continuously across the bottom of your screen.

What RSS feeds should I use?

Our customers, once they were introduced to our new RSS feature in Skykit Beam, began asking us two things:

  1. What RSS feeds should I share via digital signage?
  2. How do I create an RSS feed of my own?

We offer the following ideas for RSS feeds to get you started.

RSS Feeds News

General news RSS feeds

News sites are great resources for RSS feeds and can help employees stay connected to the outside world while they are working.

The following news-related RSS feeds are easy to implement as they are already pre-built and can simply be added into your program.

For additional news RSS feeds, check out our help site.

RSS Feeds Business

Business news RSS feeds

Perhaps your organization wants to share business news across your offices and facilities.

Showcasing RSS feeds of business news can keep your team aware of market information as well as economic updates.

We recommend selecting a few of these feeds for up-to-date business news and market moves.

RSS Feeds Sports

Sports scores and news RSS feeds

Trending sports news and game scores can drive lively conversation, engagement and healthy competition among employees.

Showcasing sports-related RSS feeds on digital screens, especially when sports are being played during the day such as that famous basketball tournament in March, can draw new attention to your digital signage.

RSS Feeds Health

Health and healthcare RSS feeds

If you’re operating digital signage for a healthcare organization, you may want to share the latest in health news with employees or visitors. Many news and healthy lifestyle media outlets share easy-to-use RSS feeds to ensure your audiences are staying up to date on the latest trends. For the full list of health-related RSS feeds, check our support page. Or, get started with the following.

Creating custom RSS feeds

RSS Feed Creation in Skykit Beam

While many news organizations around the world create and make their RSS feeds available, you may be seeking a more customized RSS feed.

There are many tools available to help you create a custom RSS feed from other companies’ or organizations’ content.

If you want to be more specific to just your organization, you can create a custom RSS feed that pulls information from your online newsroom, blog, podcast, internal news feed or more.

Displaying your RSS feed on digital signage

Once you’ve selected or created the right RSS feed for your digital signage, displaying it via Skykit Beam is easy. Check out our guide for connecting it as a web feed and displaying it easily within your programs or playlists.

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