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Beacon Technology in Retail: An Exciting New Tool

Business insider predicts that beacon technology will have a five-year compound annual growth rate of 287 percent, with 3.5 million active beacons placed by retailers by 2019. And this is no surprise.

These alerts truly reach customers.


Virtual Stores

If you had to choose between shopping online (virtual stores) or physically going to the store, which would you pick?


Google Chrome for Digital Signage

Chrome’s operating system is amazing. Not sure if you knew that, but it is. The OS is the most secure in the market. Chrome for digital signage can be used in many ways. I wanted to come up with a short list of 5 dynamic ways the OS can be used in the digital signage space.


12 Steps: Create Powerful Internal Communications Content

How you treat your employees is how you treat your customers.

Well, so to speak.

Employees are the face of your company. They’re the ones who interact with customers the most—and who a customer interacts with can make a big difference, for good or bad.

This is where you come in. To do their jobs well, your employees need to be engaged and connected to the company, so you’ve got to connect with them first.

And here’s how you do it.


33 Ways You Can Increase Employee Engagement Today

I know your company’s different.

You have your own vision, your own people, and your own problems, too.

You also find your own solutions, because what works for one company might not work for you.

It’s no different for employee engagement. Sometimes that four-point list just doesn’t cut it.

You need options.

So here are 33 different ways you can improve employee engagement starting now…


5 Tactics to Engage Employees From Day One

You know what’s even better than fixing a problem? Preventing it in the first place.

While it’s great to address low levels of employee engagement in the workplace, it’s also a limited view of the problem. You don’t just want to connect with employees who aren’t engaged.

You want to engage them from the get-go. I’m talking as early as possible, even before you hire them, if you can.

Why? Because engaged employees care deeply about their work and want to contribute, while actively disengaged employees can have negative effects on your company and your working environment.

Because you don’t want to sabotage yourself right at the start by bringing in employees who don’t care.

Here are five tactics you can use today to improve employee engagement from the beginning: