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How Digital Signage can Benefit the Vending Marketplace

Digital signage has been around for a while but many people still put it in a box for what it’s capable of. Some think of digital billboards, some think of menus, and others think of lobbies with company information scrolling by.

Network advertising is another use case that’s very interesting. And that’s where the vending market comes in.


Feature Comparison for Digital Signage Players

There are many digital signage solutions on the market. Some are purpose-built for very unique, niche requirements (for example think of the many unique digital displays that can be found on the Las Vegas strip and in their casinos).

Others are general purpose and are becoming more ubiquitous with respect to their use in everyday messaging.


Top 4 In-House Advertising Trends

Have you ever gone to the store without knowing exactly what you were going to get?

Even if you do know, it’s so easy to get swayed. That’s why whenever I go to the grocery store, I have a rule for myself that I have to eat a full meal at least two hours before I go grocery shopping, or else I’ll buy a ton of stuff I don’t need.


Fashion and Physical Stores: 6 Things Customers Want

Here’s something that might surprise you: people still love buying products in stores.

It might not seem accurate considering how online shopping has changed the retail landscape, especially after Q4 earning reports were released. But consumers still love to see, try, and feel the product their shopping for before committing to buying it.


5 ways digital signage can enhance schools

No bulletin board, ever, in all of history, has actually been a tidy, functional, and efficient way to distribute information. That’s a bold statement, I know, but bear with me.

The vast majority of bulletin boards you’ve seen have likely been shaggy with outdated announcements and advertisements, many unauthorized.

Even a well-organized board is still easy to ignore.


EMV Chip Card Readers for Retail

You may have noticed some changes in credit cards and credit card readers recently.

The little squares that have appeared on the cards. The slot at the bottom of card readers where people put their cards.

But what exactly are these changes and why are they necessary?


How Digital Signage Can Improve Business

Is it possible to find the ROI of digital signage for your company without commissioning a study?

In fact, yes! In this post, you’ll find a three-step process for designing a method of tracking ROI, along with a handful of specific strategies to get you started.