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Extend the Reach of your Power BI Dashboards

Microsoft Power BI Dashboards: Skykit Dashboard Connections Microsoft PowerBI Hero

Power BI dashboards are one page and, when designed well, can tell a data-filled story about the health of your business, campaign or initiative. 

Now it’s time to share that story and your dashboard with more team members, executives and other decision-makers throughout your company. Because, the more you share your dashboards internally, the more likely your team will be able to make better decisions.

Connect your Power BI dashboards to any TV, monitor or digital screen – no matter where they are located throughout your offices, warehouses or facilities. Skykit Beam allows you to easily display your real-time data to 1, 5 or 100 screens, securely.

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Power Bi Data dashboard

Why connect a Power BI dashboard to Skykit digital signage?

Extend the reach of your real-time data and data visualizations to easily communicate with key stakeholders where they are - even when they aren’t in front of a monitor

Easily display multiple dashboards using our program or playlist functionality, creating a revolving screen of important metrics​​

Take advantage of the larger screen size to include all your relevant data charts​

Who is Skykit?

Skykit is a leading workplace experience & digital signage platform

Skykit Beam, our cloud-based digital signage CMS, allows you to push content to any number of screens. Organizations of all sizes rely on Skykit to display real-time data on screens throughout offices, warehouses and manufacturing plants.

Skykit’s Dashboard Connections solution solves a critical challenge many IT teams face in securely authenticating tools, like Power BI, to digital screens at scale.

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See How to Bring your Power BI Dashboards to Digital Signage

But wait! There’s more!

In addition to data visualization tools, many organizations also leverage SaaS platforms (like intranets or operational platforms) across teams. Skykit can easily authenticate more than 30 software solutions to digital signage, creating even more robust and real-time displays and further engaging employees.