Skykit Digital Signage and Workplace Solutions

Get More From Your Power BI Data

Seamlessly integrate Microsoft Power BI with the Skykit Platform to transform your digital workspace. Inform, engage and unite your team with the power of real-time data at a glance.

Take Your Data Visualization to the Next Level

You invested in Power BI to bridge the gap between data and decision-making… but there’s limited reach if it’s stuck behind a login. With Skykit’s Dashboard Connections (set to open in a new tab), you can easily – and securely – share real-time data from your Microsoft Power BI instance on displays throughout your offices, warehouses, or facilities.

Why Choose Skykit Dashboard Connections For Your Power BI Data?

Microsoft Power BI Dashboards: Power Bi
Up-To-The-Minute Insights
No screenshots or remote cloud-based views here! You’ll enjoy real-time data visualization, straight from the dashboard’s source. It’s the perfect solution for high-change sectors.
Secure Data Visualizations
Dashboard authentication using SSO – and direct login on the Skykit player within your network – ensure easy data access without compromising company security.
Countless Connections
Have additional data sources beyond Power BI? Skykit supports a wide variety of tools. In fact, most 3rd-party cloud-based solutions can be added within 48 hours.
User-Friendly Interface
Quickly and easily set up a connection to display your Power BI dashboard on our secure platform. You’ll be showcasing visual data across your organization in no time.

Increase Data-Driven Decisions

You’ve got the Power BI data. Now it can reach every employee that needs it, whether they’re on a factory floor, call center, corporate office, or retail store. No matter your business, you’ll be able to showcase your Power BI dashboards to drive smart decision-making across your organization.

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