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Corporate Communications

Looking for a powerful communication tool to connect your company? You’re in the perfect place. Skykit’s corporate digital signage and workplace experience solutions allow your business to run more smoothly than ever before.
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Signage & Kiosk Management Powering Seamless Digital Experiences

Our comprehensive display solutions streamline the management of your digital signage, Android devices, meeting spaces, visitor experiences, and beyond.

Skykit Beam Digital Signage Content Types - Milestones and Dashboard Connections
Skykit Beam Digital Signage Content - News Feeds, Weather Feeds, Sports, Feeds
Skykit Beam Digital Signage Content Types - Milestones and Social Media Content in Corporate Office

Corporate Digital Signage

Whether your entire team fits in one suite or you’re operating offices across the globe, you can take advantage of digital signage for corporate communications.

Skykit Beam offers a beautifully simple interface for uploading, sharing, and scheduling content. We’ll make setting up meeting room digital signage, livestreams, news feeds, and more a breeze.

Slideshows, Images & PDFs

Social Media Feeds

News, Weather & Finance Feeds

Videos & Live-Streams

Web Pages & Interactive Content

Turn any screen into a captivating digital display, and unlock the power of corporate digital signage.

Keep employees up-to-date with real-time dashboards, external announcements, training information, news feeds, and more.

Share a huge variety of content types, from videos and images to social media feeds.

Capture attention with reception, break room, hallway, or meeting room digital signage – the sky's the limit.


Employee and Visitor Check-In and Space Booking

It’s critical to understand exactly who is entering and exiting your workplace on any given day. With Skykit Turf Check-In, you’ll get more than just visitor visibility – you’ll get a secure way to check in both employees and guests, enabling you to streamline the office experience and protect your staff and clients.

Employee Check-In

Visitor Management

Meeting Room Booking

Conference Room Status

Google & Microsoft Integration

Employee Directory Management

Enjoy an easy-to-use interface that allows employees to book meeting rooms on the go or using the calendars they already know and love.

Virtually eliminate space misuse, double-booked rooms, and wasted admin time.

Increase employee and overall office productivity.

Take advantage of space displays to show off your logo and brand colors.


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