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Survey: Sharing Data Dashboards Broadly with Employees is Challenging, but Reaps Big Rewards

The State of Data Visualization Report Skykit Data Dashboards

Minneapolis, Minn. (July 11, 2022) – Skykit, a leader in digital signage and workplace experience solutions, today announced the findings of its first-ever State of Data Visualization report, exploring how companies approach the task of sharing data visualizations across the enterprise. Overall, survey respondents indicated they are increasingly sharing data dashboards to drive employee engagement, but are challenged to find secure solutions that deliver in real-time and integrate with their data analytics platforms.

The most popular methods for sharing data visualizations do not support real-time data updates, as indicated by the survey respondents. Of those responding, 42% still share graphics using USB drives, and another 42% email graphics. At this time, only 40% of companies share their data via broadcast tools, like digital signage, some of which have real-time update capabilities.

The survey found that when IT managers invest in sharing data visualizations via digital signage, nearly three-fourths can tie the solution directly to ROI, with 81% saying it contributed to increased employee engagement, and 67% to faster movement of goods, and 58% to reduced time spent on maintenance. Of those sharing data dashboards on digital signage solutions, 32% said their solution can update data across the enterprise in real-time, while 39% said the tool updated data every minute.

“The shift to sharing data visualizations via digital signage is underway, and the results speak for themselves – more than four-fifths of users have more engaged employees,” said Irfan Khan, Skykit CEO. “Whether dashboards are shared in the boardrooms, the breakrooms, or the warehouse floor, we’re seeing that true ROI is tied to the ability to share data dashboards in real-time.”

Still, IT managers say some digital signage providers aren’t quite meeting their expectations for broadcasting data dashboards. 97% of users said they eliminated a potential solution during the sales process based on the provider’s weak security protocols.

Security challenges will increase as more businesses look to return to the office post-COVID-19. Nearly two-thirds, 60%, said they will need to share real-time updates with remote and hybrid workers. Businesses will also look to invest more in screens to modernize their workspaces, with 47% saying they will purchase new screens to increase employee engagement, and 36% looking to communicate business-critical information via screens throughout the enterprise.

“We know from the findings that users need their digital signage tools working as quickly as possible, with as few additional investments as possible,” Khan said. “It’s on providers to ensure we’re safely and efficiently rolling out signage technology – getting solutions live quickly, with easy integration into existing data visualization tools.”

For more findings from the State of Data Visualization 2022, including the security tools respondents said were most important, and the spaces where IT managers are most frequently broadcasting data, download the full report here. To learn more about Skykit and solutions including its Beam content management tool, visit

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