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3 Reasons to Share Real-Time Metrics with Employees 


We all have real-time metrics and data, and we all know we have opportunities to better use it for real-time decision-making. However, it can be challenging to get the data and visualizations in front of the right employees at the right time to drive action.

That’s why showcasing real-time metrics on digital signage has become a business-critical tool for organizations of all sizes.

Our team at Skykit recently explored how companies approach the task of sharing data visualizations across the enterprise and found that they are increasingly sharing data dashboards to drive employee engagement.

And, these organizations are able to quantify ROI on their investment in showcasing data visualizations on large format screens. However, these same organizations report that finding a dynamic digital signage solution that is secure and can integrate with their platforms can be challenging.

There are three key reasons why overcoming the challenges, finding a solution (like Skykit’s Dashboard Connections), and sharing your real-time dashboards via large format screens will benefit your organization.

1. Democratize your Data Skykit Beam Digital Signage Dashboards Displays for Salesforce and Tableau Industry Trends

Every organization has loads of data, oftentimes locked behind a username and password. That data isn’t helping anyone else besides the owner of the username and password.

When you share your data on your digital signage screens, you democratize your data within your organization to help everyone make smarter business decisions.

When you broadcast your data visualization tools (dashboards) to a display, whether it’s near the sales or production floor, more employees have access to the latest business data to help guide the decisions they make. 

Our customers understand the reach digital signage has within an organization, particularly as compared to other internal communication channels.

Skykit customer Burris Logistics conducted a survey in 2022 of team members, 93% of respondents were aware of the Skykit displays across the Burris Logistics locations. And, 70% of respondents make it a point to view the displays on a regular basis, while 50% view the displays daily.

A real-time view of business-critical KPIs empowers all employees to drive smarter business decisions. 

2. Drive Confidence in Your Business with Visible Real-Time Metrics

The last two years have shown all of us that we don’t know what the future holds. During times of economic uncertainty, it’s even more important to use the most current data and trends to support your decision-making process. 

According to McKinsey, involving more stakeholders when making smart decisions while business outlook conditions are unclear helps ensure all critical functions are accounted for and increases the amount of experience your organization can lean on. 

Displaying your data dashboards on your digital signage enables all teams to monitor your progress and operations in real-time. This, in turn, empowers your team to make the best decisions possible during turbulent seasons.

Office Setting with Digital Dashboard Displays

3. Gain a Comprehensive View with Real-Time Metrics

The world is starting to move beyond just big data to include small and wide data.

According to Gartner, small and wide data allows for more robust analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). A real-life example of using small data is when businesses observe an abnormal spike in sales in one Zip Code or even Region within a short amount of time, which can indicate an increase in sales due to regional weather fluctuations. This might allow them to better account for a particular product’s distribution during certain seasons. 

When looking at wide data, a company might be tracking moments along the customer journey and use them to identify a potential issue or a customer who is looking to upgrade a product. Tracking these moments across support pages, product websites, and videos can allow your customer success team to reach out before a hand is raised.

Regardless of what type of data you are tracking – big, small, wide or other – displaying dashboards or other visualizations in real-time on large format displays can help your team identify trends before the moment has passed and act on them quickly.

At Skykit, we are always innovating and building new ways to help our customers communicate business priorities with team members. Our recent product release, Dashboard Connections makes it easy to communicate company goals, real-time metrics, and business drivers with every employee through digital signage. With a (virtually) endless library of connections for your organization’s internal or external tools, and the ability to rotate a variety of content through your screens. Skykit Dashboard Connections helps you keep track of what’s happening with all your data sources. 

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