The Power of Real-Time Data

The Power of Real-Time Data Digital Signage Data Graphic

Why Displaying Data via Digital Signage is Critical Leading a company today looks incredibly different than it did just a decade ago, thanks to the availability of data for decision-making. And, while data is far more accessible now than it ever has been, the power truly lies in real-time data. At Skykit, we rely on […]

It’s Time to Invest in Smart Workspace Technology

Smart Workspace Technology - Digital Screens in Office

In what may have been the shortest time on record, organizations around the world pivoted their workplace experience and sent their employees home in early 2020. At least 75% of employees worldwide began working remotely and organizations were quickly forced to invest in security, collaboration and other remote-working technologies. Flash forward to almost two years […]

What to Expect from Digital Signage in 2022

Digital signage examples - Food Truck Touch Screen Restaurant Displays

If you had asked me at the beginning of 2021 what I expected to happen in the world of digital signage, I likely would have told you that as companies welcomed employees back to the office, restaurants welcomed more and more customers and retailers regained in-store traffic, digital signage would become even more important for […]

Chrome Sign Builder: Who Should Use It?

google chrome sign builder

Google’s Chrome Sign Builder is free, but is it a good option for digital signage? Turns out it’s much more complicated than it looks. Be sure you do your homework first.