It’s time to reclaim the workplace.

Workplace Experience Solutions for a Streamlined Return

Skykit Turf makes it easy to control crowd flow and space usage throughout your organization while making your employees and visitors feel comfortable. 

We know that not every organization is working on a full return right now. That’s why we’re offering three months free – to give you time to roll out this effective solution while transitioning back to the workplace or establishing a hybrid schedule.

two employees wearing mask return to work

Let’s get your space running smoothly.

From complying with safety regulations to making sure reserved rooms actually get put to use, Skykit’s solutions eliminate inefficiencies, reduce the spread of germs, and streamline communications.
Skykit turf display product checkin details

Manage the flow of visitors and employees in and out of your building.

It’s never been more crucial to understand crowd flow in your workplace. Turf Check-In allows you to create a customizable, touchless check-in experience for both employees and visitors.

Empower employees to safely reserve desks and meeting spaces.

Help your team make the most of available office space while keeping social distancing in mind.

skykit turf product in tablet device displaying meeting status
digital displays showing covid safety messaging

Push content to any number of screens across your organization.

Keep your team up to date on the latest safety and hygiene policies, company news, events, performance metrics, and more.

Return to the Workplace with Skykit

Whether your goals for the workplace are to establish a hybrid environment or get everyone back in the office permanently, we look forward to helping your team make a smooth transition.

Reach out today to claim your three free months of Turf or get started with digital signage. We’re also happy to answer any questions!

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