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Our team is hard at work, updating our solutions, building new partnerships and bringing our customers the best in workplace experience and digital signage solutions. Here’s just a few of the latest updates we’ve made.

LTE Connectivity

When WiFi or ethernet just won’t cut it, you can now use Skykit solutions on the Verizon network. Our powerful SKP Pro Mobile is a commercial-grade digital signage media player that supports 4G LTE connectivity - making sure your signage can be connected at all times.

Real-time Data Displays

Bring your favorite dashboards to life with our new dashboard capabilities.

You create the dashboard (think Salesforce, Zendesk, Jira, DataDog and more) and then connect it to Beam and display it on any number of screens.

Microsoft OneDrive Integration

Now you can integrate your OneDrive into Skykit Beam, allowing you to deliver content to your screens seamlessly.

With this update, we also added PowerPoint and PDF as two new content types supported in Beam.

The Born-in-the-Cloud Digital Signage Software Platform

Skykit provides workplace experience and digital signage solutions to several hundred businesses around the world. Our software is running on tens of thousands of screens across the globe, simplifying employee communications, enabling businesses to attract new audiences, and providing the eye-catching displays needed to engage with existing customers.

We designed our platform to be infinitely scalable, making it the perfect option for businesses of all sizes, across a variety of industries. Because we’re here to help you make digital signage your most effective communication and marketing tool.

Hear it from our customers

Skykit is a trusted partner to businesses around the world. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and use cases as we build and expand on our solutions.

THE SKY’S THE LIMIT: Georgia World Congress Logo White
“After spending years looking for the right digital signage solution, we found Skykit to be the simplest solution for our not-so-simple needs. In fact, the signs are a revenue stream for GWCC, resulting in a very rapid return on our investment.”

“We were really struggling with not having a consistent solution, and users were relying heavily on the IT department to help them. When we plugged in and tested Skykit, we were amazed by how easy it was to use. It’s a cost-effective solution and since it’s cloud-based, we can keep expanding our use without the worry that we’ll outgrow it.”

“Skykit unified our digital signage communications across all 22 locations. It integrates with tools we already use to create content, allowing us to easily manage our ever-evolving content schedules in real-time. It used to be a headache to manage our displays, but now with Skykit, we have more time to focus on cultivating a rich in-store customer experience.”
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