A Complete Space Booking Software Solution

Unused desks? Double-booked conference rooms? Not anymore. Turf Space Booking is a powerful meeting and desk booking tool that lets employees reserve office space using a touch display or their existing calendar app.
Skykit Turf Space Booking and Meeting Space Management Tools and Software

Why Workspace Booking Software?

Ever wound up taking a call in a hallway or frantically trying to find a free room just before a client arrives? It’s not fun. Space misuse and meeting room conflicts affect companies of all sizes. The right conference room and desk booking software can empower your employees, increase productivity, and ensure that you’re getting the most out of your workplace.

Return to the Office Safely

On top of the usual space reservation issues, new office safety standards are further complicating the workplace experience. Meeting room management software lets you face those challenges head-on – without the logistical nightmare of manually spacing out desks or blocking off work areas.

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Transform the Workplace Experience with Skykit Turf Space Booking

With an easy-to-use interface, real-time space status, and immediate booking capabilities, Turf Space Booking eliminates scheduling conflicts and takes the burden of desk hoteling and meeting space management off facilities managers and the IT and HR departments.


Space Finder and Booking Features in device

Google and Microsoft 365 calendar integration

Schedule with the calendars you already know and use.

Impromptu bookings

Enjoy on-the-go meeting creation at the touch of a screen.

Space finder

Locate an open meeting room or desk from any space display.

Google and Microsoft 365 employee directory integration

Easily set a meeting organizer during scheduling.

Space Reclaim

Automatically release abandoned conference rooms to free up unused space.

Secure devices

Ensure uninterrupted operation with displays already locked in kiosk mode.

Real-time space status

Gain instant insight into conference room usage from behind your desk or outside a meeting room with clear digital displays and space status lights.

Skykit Turf Space Booking and Meeting Space Management Tools and Software - Real-Time Space Status
Skykit Turf Space Booking Theme Customization and Management Console

Theme customization

Match your organization’s brand standards with brand color, logo color, and background color options, or upload a custom background image.

Management console

Change space display, space assignments, and settings remotely from our cloud-based management console.

Digital signage capabilities

Leverage space displays as digital signage with an additional Skykit Beam license – all while staying on the same platform.


No more double-booked rooms

Never scramble to find an alternate meeting space again.

Increased employee productivity

Help staff reclaim wasted time.

Less stress on facilities managers and IT departments

Lighten the logistical load with space booking software.

Additional branded display opportunities throughout the office

Let your logo shine.

Ability to scale

Easily expand your desk and conference room booking system as you grow.


We work tirelessly to find and test hardware solutions that support the optimal experience with Skykit Turf.

Once you have a Turf license, all you need is a space booking display with a media player or a tablet. We currently support the following hardware options:


10” 3.0 I-Series Tablet


PCAP Black – E461790 – Standard


Android 8.1


Adapt-IQV 10.1" Tablet




Android 8.1

Ready for a Seamless Desk and Meeting Space Booking Solution?

Turf Space Booking is redefining the workplace experience by empowering users to take control of their spaces. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help you boost employee productivity, eliminate space conflicts, and make the most of your facility with desk and meeting room management software.