Secure Employee Check-In and Visitor Management Software

Keep your organization running safely and smoothly with Turf Check-In, an employee and visitor management system that allows you to control the flow of people entering your business. With a touch-free experience and secure activity logs for contact tracing, you’ll be prepared to meet COVID-19 safety requirements.

Skykit Turf Employee and Visitor Management Check-In Software Solution

Protect Your Organization with a Visitor & Employee Management System

Whether your entire staff is back at work or you’re still developing a plan for a safe return, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it essential to know who’s coming and going throughout your organization. At first glance, it’s a daunting task. But keeping track of your employees and visitors is possible with the right check-in software.

Turf Check-In’s visitor management capabilities allow businesses to offer a seamless, touch-free check-in experience for both guests and employees.

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Create a Safer Workplace with Turf Check-In

Conquer the return to the workplace with ease. Turf Check-In helps you take full control of your space, providing you with a clear understanding of crowd flow and eliminating the need for excess face-to-face contact.


Skykit Turf Employee and Guest Check-In Software Solution - QR Code Scanning

Visitor check-in

Greet guests with a self-serve check-in experience.

Employee check-in

Securely check in employees coming into the workplace.

Touchless experience

Limit the spread of germs with a touchless check-in experience for both guests and employees.

SMS and email notifications

Notify hosts directly via text message or email when their visitor has checked in.

Secure check-in confirmation

Allow employees to confirm their check-in via SMS or email.

Secure check-in and check-out logs

Unlike paper logs, which are visible to anyone, check-in logs are secure and accessible only by authorized personnel.

Audit check-in activity logs

View and export visitor and employee check-in logs for compliance and COVID-19 contact tracing.

Skykit Turf Employee and Visitor Check-In Solution - SMS Notifications
Skykit Turf Employee and Visitor Check-In Solution - Reports and Activity Logs

Employee directory management

Easily upload and manage your employee directory from the Turf Console.

Custom confirmation content

Present custom messaging with an image for your visitors and employees after they check in.

Theme customization

Match your organization’s brand standards with brand color, logo color, and background color options, or upload a custom background image – all remotely, via the Turf Console.

Automatic check-out

Automatically check out employees and visitors at midnight each day.


Skykit Turf Employee and Guest Check-In Software Solution

Reduce the spread of germs

Comply with COVID-19 safety restrictions and recommendations with a touchless check-in, and perform any needed contact tracing with activity logs.

Maintain a secure environment

Keep sensitive employee information private while offering an easy and convenient check-in experience.

Increase workplace efficiency

Eliminate extensive waiting periods for visitors and administrative work for staff.


We work tirelessly to find and test hardware solutions that support the optimal experience with Skykit Turf.

Once you have a Turf license, all you need is a space booking display with a media player or a tablet. We currently support the following hardware options:


10” 3.0 I-Series Tablet


PCAP Black – E461790 – Standard


Android 8.1


Adapt-IQV 10.1" Tablet




Android 8.1

Ready for Visitor Management Software?

Turf Check-In is made with safety and efficiency in mind. Let’s talk about how we can help you monitor and manage the flow of guests and employees in your building.