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Skykit Digital Signage and Workplace Solutions

Network-Level Management for Android-Based Digital Signage & Displays

Our industry-leading Android device management platform allows you to remotely secure and oversee devices with ease. Spend less time managing your network and more time growing your business with Skykit Control.

Skykit Control Android-Based Device and Kiosk Management Solution


Control is Skykit’s Android device management platform designed to help you manage your network of devices.

Designed to help:

Ad Network Operators

Retail Operations


IT Support Teams

Take Control of Your Android Devices From Anywhere

Unlike your typical mobile device management (MDM) solutions, which are often costly and inefficient, Skykit Control is built specifically for digital displays and kiosks.

Whether pushing content to just a few screens or managing Android APKs on a network of thousands, Control puts device management at your fingertips with secure, no-touch deployment that maximizes your revenue potential.

Remotely monitor device status, update software, and troubleshoot in real-time efficiently from anywhere.

Skykit Control Android-Based Device Management - Consumer-Grade Digital Signage
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Skykit Control Digital Signage Device Management: Skykit Control Feaure Image 4

Streamline IT Support

Instantly deploy applications and updates to your Android devices without relying on the Google Play store. Eliminate lost revenue, application downtime, and service disruptions for a hassle-free experience.

Get Displays to the Field Quickly.

Your devices have a job to do — generate revenue for your organization. Get your devices into the field quickly with Control’s zero-touch deployment capabilities, ability to easily scale large networks, and device-agnostic software that allows you to bring third-party hardware to your project.

Reduce the Burden on Your Teams.

Save your team time, and reduce your operational costs by not having to dispatch technicians or roll out trucks to check devices or troubleshoot.

Maximize Device Up-Time.

Reduce device downtime and lost revenue. Control offers multiple connectivity options utilizing ethernet, LTE, or Wi-Fi connections, remote troubleshooting tools, and scheduled application updates.

Know What Happened.

Get insights to monitor and manage your digital display and kiosk network with Skykit Control's proof-of-play reporting and remote screenshots for issue identification.

Gain a Competitive Edge.

Control is device agnostic and provides your team the freedom to choose what device best fits your application needs.


Designed to help you manage your network of devices

Skykit Control Android-Based Device Management

Device Commands

Remotely reset, restart, update, and otherwise control your digital devices from any location.

Skykit Control Digital Signage Device Management: Control Device 2

Device Status

Get alerts and monitor network health by easily viewing the online/offline status of all your digital displays.

Skykit Control Digital Signage Device Management: Control Device Lockmode 1

Device Lockdown

Limit your devices to single-app or kiosk mode.
Skykit Control Digital Signage Device Management: Control Managed Apps 1 1

Application Management

Upload, deploy and manage Android applications remotely.

Web Application Management

Manage web apps or websites on digital displays where a traditional digital signage CMS is unnecessary.

Skykit Control Digital Signage Device Management: Skykit Control Reports 1


Pull reports for all your devices to get performance and content statistics.

Skykit Control Digital Signage Device Management: Control Device 5


Firmware-level access gives you unparalleled speed to react to security patches, keeping your devices protected.


Maximize Control
Skykit Control Digital Signage Device Management: Icon 2 Services 4

Skykit Control Streamlines Digital Signage and Advertising Strategy for Unattended Retail Client

A client in the unattended retail space sought a secure all-in-one solution for their hardware and device management needs as they transitioned to a new provider that supported programmatic advertising platforms. Skykit Control was the ideal choice, providing advanced device management technology that supported both digital signage solutions. With Skykit's help, the client saved thousands of dollars on device migration costs, gained greater control over their digital signage and advertising strategy, and streamlined their operations for effective programmatic ad-sharing.
Skykit Control Digital Signage Device Management: Services 2 Icon 2

Revolutionizing DOOH Ad-Network Operations with Skykit Control's Advanced Device Management Capabilities

A leading DOOH ad network operator partnered with Skykit to establish a device management solution for their display network, accessible via mobile connection. Skykit Control provided the client with the ability to monitor their network's online/offline status and access device reports. The advanced reporting capabilities of Control allow the customer to provide proof-of-play reports to advertisers, ensuring ads reach their target audience. With Skykit's help, the customer achieved greater efficiency and transparency in their DOOH ad-network operations, resulting in improved performance and increased customer satisfaction.
Skykit Control Digital Signage Device Management: Icon Marketing Agency

Streamlining Digital Signage Management with Skykit Control: A Flooring Manufacturer's Success Story

A flooring manufacturer used Skykit Control to optimize their existing digital signage system while minimizing the need for physical device troubleshooting across their locations. The advanced remote troubleshooting and network management capabilities within Control reduced technician deployments and shortened open support tickets by one week. The manufacturer achieved greater operational efficiency and cost savings while enhancing the customer experience.
Skykit Control Digital Signage Device Management: Services 2 Icon 1
Skykit's Android Migration Solution Boosts Digital Signage Capabilities for On-Premise Customer
Skykit collaborated with an on-premise digital signage customer to migrate from Chrome to Android media players, reducing costs while improving product flexibility. By implementing Skykit Control's web app management capabilities, the customer seamlessly transitioned to Android, gaining greater control over their signage content and strategy. As a result, the customer achieved significant cost savings while enhancing their overall digital signage capabilities.
Skykit Control Digital Signage Device Management: Icon Marketing Agency

Skykit Helps Cannabis Retailer Overcome Supply Chain Challenges and Boost Sales with Digital Ordering Solution

A cannabis retailer faced supply chain challenges that could have delayed their rollout to 70 locations until 2024. Skykit's Control enabled the client to proceed with their rollout while locking down their devices and effectively managing their ordering website across multiple locations. Skykit's comprehensive solution included a shopping cart clearing feature, resulting in increased sales per store, reduced accidental purchases, and an improved customer experience.

Display and Kiosk Management

Remote Device Management Reimagined

Skykit Control - Add-On
Android Device Management

$5Per Device. Per Month,
Billed Annually

Skykit Control Features Include:

Streamline IT support with hassle-free app deployment and updates on Android devices
Gain a competitive edge with device-agnostic flexibility for tailored application needs
Monitor and manage your network with proof-of-play reporting and remote screenshots
Quickly deploy displays in the field with zero-touch, scalable, and device-agnostic solutions
Reduce team burden by eliminating the need for on-site technician visits
Maximize device uptime with remote troubleshooting and scheduled updates


Get Started with Control
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Expand Your Digital Communication Knowledge

Gain the know-how to become an expert in your organization’s digital signage and display device management for your organization.
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