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Why you should consider LTE-enabled Digital Signage


Digital signage is a great marketing and communications tool. Whether you are promoting new products in-store, sharing critical employee updates, or simply engaging visitors, digital signage is an easy way to display dynamic content.

Today, digital signage solutions rely heavily on Wifi or Ethernet connections and pull content from the cloud. But, what happens when the connectivity isn’t reliable or accessible?

That’s where LTE-enabled digital signage can help.

LTE-Enabled Digital Signage increases confidence

Picture this…you’ve created the best content available to reach and engage your audience. You’ve distributed the content to all your screens throughout your organization.

And you’ve waited. Nothing. Crickets. No response. At first, you think it’s your content. Then, you realize that some of your screens were no longer connected to the internet and, therefore, could not display the new content you created.

The best way to ensure that your screens are always connected to the internet is to build redundancy into your digital signage network. Digital signage media players, like the SKP Pro Mobile, can connect via Wifi, Ethernet, or the Verizon network, ensuring you always have connectivity.

According to a recent article in Data-Alliance, “LTE has differentiated itself as an excellent partner to a broad range of digital signage solutions. Its high-speed and high-throughput performance is ideal for cloud-based content management, live streaming, and high-resolution media that are the future of the digital signage sector.”

If you are looking to make sure your digital screens are on, connected, and showcasing your great content, you need to look no further than an LTE-enabled solution.

LTE enables faster, farther-reaching digital signage deployment

According to the same author at Data-Alliance,  “LTE is advantageous because the cellular connection means that signage can be rapidly deployed anywhere and for any duration.” No matter where your screens are installed, you probably have access to a cellular network. The same cannot always be said for strong Wifi or Ethernet connections.

In many rural locations, internet speeds suffer greatly. Many government departments, industry leaders, and corporations are calling for an increase in fast, reliable, and universal connectivity throughout all areas of the country.

While broadband has not reached many rural locations, cellular networks have filled much of the internet gap.

LTE-Enabled Digital Signage Can Sase Some Pain Points

Humans tend to get in the way. If you’ve ever had someone disconnect the screen from the power or internet source, you know what we are talking about.

Many digital screens are in public places, increasing the risk that they could become disconnected. Or, if you’ve ever had the Wifi password change at a location, you know it can be challenging and time-consuming to get your screens back online.

Operating your digital signage on a cellular network adds an extra layer of confidence. You can use the cellular connection as the primary internet source or you can choose to use it as a backup to Wifi or ethernet. Either way, you’ve removed some of the more common pain points with digital signs in public spaces.

Your checklist for LTE-enabled digital signage:

Whether your screens are in one location or hundreds, you can benefit from LTE-enabled digital signage. To build the most effective solution possible, you need to consider:

  • Hardware: at a minimum, you’ll need screens, stands and mounting equipment, and LTE-enabled media players. If you do not select a media player with built-in LTE connectivity, you will need a secondary piece of hardware connected to your digital signage media player.
  • Software: look for firmware for system devices and components as well as a cloud-based content management system (CMS).
  • Content: you can create your own content or stream content like real-time weather and news feeds, social media channels, or other web-based content.

The Sky’s the Limit!

Skykit customers throughout the U.S. are connecting their digital signage to the Verizon network and reaping the benefits.

They are relying on our LTE-enabled media players, our award-winning CMS (Skykit Beam) and their preferred screens to bring amazing content to life.

Our SKP Pro Mobile has built-in LTE capabilities, streamlining your hardware requirements and increasing the reliability of your solution. Overall, Skykit offers a seamless solution that scales quickly and easily as your business grows and advances.

Connect with us to learn how our solutions can help you build an impressive LTE-enabled digital signage solution.

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