April 4, 2016

Digital Signage for Lobbies: 8 Examples

If you’ve ever walked into the lobby of a college or business (and we imagine you have), you’ve likely been greeted by some superior digital signage. If you haven’t, it’s only because that company hasn’t yet embraced the power of a digital greeting. Yet those that have are seeing some incredible results. Lobby signage is fast becoming one of the more popular ways to attract attention to potential customers that walk into your business. It’s the first thing they see when they push open your doors, and the last thing they see when they leave for the day. Because of this, it’s crucial you make a strong and lasting impression. So what kinds of businesses are using digital signage in their lobbies? Why are they using it? And how are they benefiting by putting an interactive and colorful monitor front and center? Here are 8 examples of how different companies use digital signage in their lobbies in powerful ways.