June 6, 2016

Digital Signage VS. Print: Is it Time to Ditch the Posters?

When I was a kid, I remember hoping I would see one of those billboard guys rolling a new sign on any given billboard as we whizzed down the highway. It fascinated me, the way two or three men rolled a brightly colored advertisement into place for all the world to see. As I drive down the highway today, I still see those billboards, only they don’t require those men with the tools to roll it and glue it. One by one, digital billboards are replacing static boards. And that’s not the only place paper advertising is being replaced by digital signage; thousands of brick and mortar stores are ditching their posters and POS banners for the new technology. HR departments communicate with their employees about training and compliance within minutes instead of mailing out physical copies to each location. It sounds cool, but does it actually make sense for your business?