April 18, 2016

5 Top Digital Signage Challenges

Most kids dash out to get their driver’s permit the second they’re old enough. Their sweet sixteen comes with a driver’s license—and, for the lucky ones, a sweet ride. I, however, dragged my feet until right before my freshman year of college to finally get my license. I could see and want the advantages that having a license would bring: more chances to visit my friends, opportunities to get summer jobs further away from my home, chances to explore the greater independence that comes with growing up. But I had certain barriers to get around before I could reap those benefits. I was terrified of driving—of accidentally hitting the gas when I needed to brake, or of another driver deciding to run a red and T-bone me. Both of my parents were very busy and didn’t have time to spend riding around town with me so I could practice. And even if I did get my license, I didn’t have money for gas, or frequent access to a car. Many business owners are in a similar situation. After reading about the many benefits of digital signage and seeing some of the statistics, people are eager to take advantage of the technology. However, barriers can arise that make it difficult to optimize one’s digital signage use and extract the technology’s full potential as a powerful communication tool.