July 11, 2016

9 Ways To Use Digital Signage in K-12

K – 12 classrooms don’t look like they used to. Green chalkboards covered with dusty white chalk are a rare find. Today whiteboards take their place. And where a row of cubby’s used to exist, now a row of computers live there. But that’s not the only digital advancement in the classroom. Digital signage is fast becoming part of the classroom décor. And why wouldn’t it be? Millennials and the children of millennials expect access to digital platforms as part of their communication. It’s integrated into their lives, after all. Sure, chalkboards are fun (except when you have to clap erasers outside after school and sneeze on the chalk dust that blows everywhere), but digital signs are more fun and offer more options. No more colored chalk. No more morning announcements. No more homework scrawled on the board that the bad kid in the corner can erase. Everything is changing, and for the better.