February 15, 2018

Use Digital Signage to Improve Employee Engagement & Workplace Culture Today!

Today’s workforce is changing rapidly. According to Deloitte, HR departments are hyper-focused on finding new ways to improve company culture and employee engagement in order to retain talent and keep teams productive.
September 26, 2016

7 Ways Corporate Office Spaces Are Using Digital Signage

Every day, more and more SME (small medium enterprises) are implementing digital technology to communicate with employees and partners, as well as share their message with potential clients. The shift from traditional AV equipment to digital signage can be attributed to IT managers and influencers investing in the most reliable options for corporations, likely because they understand the importance of becoming part of up-to-date, innovative solutions. Informed IT managers know what those innovations are. But do you?
November 30, 2015

Corporate Communication to a Dispersed Workforce

Back in the day, corporate communication used to be cumbersome. Whether it was by phone or snail mail, it wasn’t like working on-site.