Social Media Feeds Made for Your Digital Displays


Tap Into the Power of Social Media

Say hello to a simple – but powerful – digital signage solution for social media. Whether you’re looking for a way to display a live feed throughout your corporate offices or a massive social media wall in one location, Skykit Social, powered by Seenspire, is your new best friend.

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Connect With Your Audience

Boost brand awareness and engagement by exposing new audiences to your social content. Looking to share some eye-catching visuals on Instagram? Trying to let customers know about a sale on Twitter or Facebook? Hoping to share employee achievements on LinkedIn? Not a problem. We’ll make sure that you have easy access to the platforms you use the most.

Eliminate Content Fatigue

Planning to play content on your digital signage during business hours? Great! But that’s about 2,000 hours of airtime per year you’ll need to fill. Skykit Social can ease the burden of content creation, curation, and visualization. From supplementing your existing playlist to displaying all social, all the time, we’ve got your needs covered.

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See Faster Time to Value

Spend less time – and money! – on content creation and more time on reaping the benefits of increased employee or customer engagement. Start a company-wide hashtag, set up a giveaway, or get the word out about an event, and watch the posts roll across your screens all by themselves.

User-friendly interface

Easily display social media posts throughout your digital signage network

Content curation

For more oversight, set up manual curation and approve posts as they come in.


Automatically reject posts containing profanity, certain keywords, or specific accounts.

Customizable viewing experience

Adjust your feed colors, transitions, color, fonts, and overall display.

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Ready to Get Social with Your Signage?

Seeing is believing – so let us show you just how good your social media platforms could look.

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