Digital Signage Hardware

On the hunt for the best digital signage hardware around? We’re proud to offer cutting-edge digital signage players and related hardware that perfectly complements Skykit’s powerful software.

Our featured digital signage media players allow users to display a wide variety of content types and apps, including:

Images and videos
Infotainment Feeds
Secure Dashboards
Social Media Feeds
Menu Boards
HTML 5 Apps
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Skykit SKP3 Device


For a reliable, streamlined signage player, check out the Skykit SKP3. This Android-based media player transforms standard displays into eye-catching digital signs. From displaying real-time dashboards on a manufacturing floor to facilitating customer communications, the SKP3 is built to help you unlock the power of digital signage.

  • Android 9.0

  • Prosumer-Grade

  • Device Management

  • 4K Support

  • Bluetooth

  • Touch Compliance

  • 2-Year Warranty

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Secure Skykit Digital Signage Hardware: Skykit Hardware SKP Pro


The Skykit SKP Pro is your secure, cost-effective choice for at-scale signage networks. This commercial-grade digital signage player can power two screens at once, making it simple to extend or mirror your key content. And with support for 4G connectivity, the SKP Pro Mobile allows you to bring your own network and broaden your reach without having to worry about individual WiFi networks.

The SKP Pro is currently for pre-sale – contact our team today to learn more.

  • Android 9.0

  • Commercial-Grade

  • Device Management

  • 4K Support

  • Dual-Output Player

  • Mobile Capabilities

  • 3-Year Warranty

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See All Skykit-Approved Digital Signage Hardware

We’ve worked tirelessly to source and test additional approved devices that work seamlessly with the Skykit platform. Take a look at our list of partner offerings. Not quite sure what you’re looking for? Our team is always happy to help – contact us to learn more.