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Skykit Digital Signage and Workplace Solutions
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Affordable Desk Booking

Maximize Your Hybrid Work Model with Skykit Turf’s Desk Booking Solution


Why Desk space Booking Software?

Discovering no available desks at the office can be frustrating and hinder productivity. An efficient desk reservation tool eliminates hot-desking stress, enhancing team performance and minimizes wasted time and space.

Allows Employees To​

Reserve a desk from their mobile device or a desk booking kiosk
Quickly find available desks upon arrival at the office
Locate, manage and view available desks from a mobile companion app

Affordable desk booking

Designed to Help

Skykit Turf Desk Booking

Streamline workspace utilization through effortless desk reservation

Free your IT and facility staff from scheduling conflicts

Create a seamless transition between work and home

Boost productivity: let employees concentrate on work, not on finding a workspace

Affordable desk booking

Experience Turf's desk booking capabilities without the need for hardware

Set up your desk spaces

Print the QR code for your space

Invite your team members

Check-In And Space Reservation

Create A Modern Workspace Experience​

Skykit Turf
Check In

$16Per Location/Month,
Billed Annually

Check-In Features Include:

Visitor check-in
Employee check-in
Workstation check-in
Secure activity logs
Activity Log Exports
Employee Directory Integration

Skykit Turf
Desk Booking

$3Per Desk/Month,
Billed Annually

Desk Booking Features Include:

Hot Desking
Desk Finder
Desk Maps
Companion Mobile App
Kiosk or Touch-less Booking

Skykit Turf
Space Booking

$16Per Space/Month,
Billed Annually

Space Booking Features Include:

Calendar Integration
Space Status
Space finder
Impromptu booking
Space Reclaim
Digital Signage Integration*

Skykit Touch Display

The Skykit SKD10 puts the power of digital signage right at your fingertips. This commercial-grade Android touch display is capable of running complex kiosk applications and digital signage messaging with up to 4K resolution. Designed with a 10-inch touchscreen and continuous operation in mind, the SKD10 offers a cost-effective, all-in-one solution for organizations looking to leverage space booking, check-in, and desk booking kiosks.

Featured Highlights

10.2″ x 7″ x 1.1″



Ready for a Simple Solution to Manage Your Shared workstations?

Turf Desk Reservation software allows organizations to maximize the use of their shared workstations. Connect with our team to learn how Skykit can help you increase team member productivity, eliminate workstation conflicts and maximize your space with desk management software.