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It’s time to free your dashboards. To bring them out from behind individual screens and into the office. To drive better, faster decisions. Skykit helps you free your dashboards and allows you to share key business metrics securely on your digital signage displays throughout your operations.​


Make the Most of Your Displays with Skykit’s Features

Skykit pairs our digital signage media player and our digital signage CMS platform to bring you the best available solution on the market today. We have an innovative team of developers who are building features and functionality that support you and make your job communicating with key audiences easier.

Data Dashboard Demo: Skykit Beam Wide Variety of Content

Wide Range of Content

Whether you want to display slides, images, social media feeds, real-time news, weather, or more, we support the content you create.

Real-Time Data Displays

You develop dashboards to monitor what’s important to your team or business. Now you can display them on your digital signage seamlessly and easily with Skykit.

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