Skykit Beam Dashboard Connections New Relic

New Relic Dashboard Integration with Skykit

Skykit Beam Digital Signage Dashboard Connections New Relic

You know the power of your New Relic Dashboard.

But, did you know that sharing your dashboard with others in your team or across offices can dramatically improve your operations?

More than 30% of companies who share dashboards with employees report significant improvements in operational efficiency and processes, simply due to the presence and increased awareness of metrics that matter.

With Skykit’s easy integration with New Relic, you can connect your carefully created dashboard to any TV, monitor or digital screen – no matter where they are located throughout your organization. Our cloud-based solution easily connects to 1, 5 or 100 screens, securely.

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Who is Skykit?

Skykit is a leading workplace experience and digital signage platform. Skykit Beam, our cloud-based content management system, allows you to push content to any number of screens. Many of our customers are operating IT and DevOps Command Centers where screens securely display real-time New Relic dashboards with ease.

Securely Display your New Relic Dashboard with Skykit

You’ve connected your systems to New Relic and built the best dashboards, now you just have to get them in front of the right eyes. With our secure, cloud-based tool, you’ll be able to showcase your visual dashboards wherever your team needs to see them to drive smart decision making across your organization.

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New Relic:

But wait! There’s more!

Many organizations use more than one data visualization tool. If your team relies on more than New Relic, you’re in luck! Check out the rest of the connections we offer to keep your data front and center with the right employees at the right time.

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