Digital Signage Should Be Easy.

With Skykit, It Is.

Marketers love Skykit because you can segment and distribute content to specific stores and digital signs, and you can upload content without studying a 2-inch thick training manual. The software gets out of your way so you can focus on distributing your content.


The IT department loves Skykit because it’s built on Google Chrome OS, which means it’s secure, has guaranteed uptime, and it doesn’t require costly or time-intensive work for your infrastructure. If you have one thousand locations, you won’t have one thousand IT headaches.

Your Content, Your Way

You can use the tools you already know and love, and Skykit distributes your content to any digital sign. We get that you use Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, PowerPoint, Google Slides, and dozens of other tools. And you want to distribute content like: live feeds from a website, video, live video, pdf, images, interactive experiences for a kiosk, or HTML5 to customize your experience. So we didn’t recreate the wheel.

The Chrome media player caches content on its hard drive so your displays continue playing the scheduled content even in the event of an internet outage. Schedule your content in advance, or control content in near real-time with your mobile device.

Scales With You

Push to one screen or thousands instantly. Scalability is built right in, so Skykit grows with your business without increasing infrastructure costs. Automatic updates mean there are no patches and nothing to install, ever. Manage all your Chrome devices from a single console so you can monitor and control what each digital sign is displaying on a granular level or by your unique territories.

Enterprise Security

Skykit is built on Google Cloud Platform and uses Google Chrome devices to run your content. Google employs over 750 of the world’s top experts in information, application, and network security to continuously monitor their platforms. That means Google secures your content and your data on their platform so your IT team doesn’t have to worry about a thing.


We’ve embedded select content feeds directly in the Skykit CMS including news, weather, financial, and stock prices that you can customize based on your location, industry, and interests. Additional feeds such as social media (E.g. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) are available through our partners. Skykit can also support custom integrations like: infotainment, kiosk applications, and can build a content layout based on your custom needs for dashboarding or reporting.

Skykit Plans


  • Playlist: Content programming time blocking
  • Supported content: PDF, video, web view web page capture, and Google Slides
  • News feed for business, sports, entertainment, finance, stock information, and weather
  • Display overlay (date, time, image, logo, weather)
  • Online training guide
  • Training videos
  • Email support

As low as $32 per mo / paid annually*


Skykit Standard feature plus:

  • Labels for advance content segmentation (territory or department mapping)
  • Code Bundle (offline HTML5 & interactive kiosk)
  • Drag and drop image upload
  • Proof of play reporting
  • Remote screen control (e.g turning on and off or volume control)
  • Skykit Admin Console
  • Off-hours support escalation
  • Custom add-on: content triggers

Price: Contact us for enterprise pricing

For deployments outside of North America, email:


* In a 3-year plan


Q: What components do I need for a digital signage solution, and can I get them all through Skykit?

A: Needs vary depending on the project, but here is an overview of digital signage components that are available either directly through Skykit or with one of our partners.



  • The chrome media player connects to any display via an HDMI or DisplayPort cable. With Skykit Enterprise, add an RS232 cable to control on/off features of select displays.


  • Ceiling mount, wall mount or floor stand.
  • Visual Display or Chromebase
  • Displays for signage, Chromebase all-in-one for kiosks and signage solutions.
  • Chrome Player
  • AOPEN, Asus, HP, Acer Chromeboxes, or Chromebits in select use cases not requiring scheduling as there is no CMOS battery



  • Skykit CMS License
  • Chrome Management License
  • CDM can be either the single app kiosk license or the perpetual CDM license. A G Suite account is needed as well for CMS access.



  • Managed Services
  • Content Development and Design
  • Tech Support
  • Warranty
  • Internet
    • Wi-Fi, Cable, or Carrier connectivity. Additional hardware required with Carrier connected displays.

Q: I have complicated scheduling requirements for my dispersed offices in different time zones. Can I accomplish this through Skykit?

A: Yes. Skykit has robust time blocking and programming capabilities. Using our feature called Labels, Skykit Enterprise also allows for grouping of Geographic areas, departments, or content categories you to control the content sent to select digital signs and select Playlists.

Q: Does Skykit offer device management for ChromeOS only?

A: Yes. We decided to integrate with Chrome Device Management because of its built-in security, how easy it is to centrally manage hundreds or thousands of devices, small form factor, and because of its low cost compared to other media players with similar enterprise-grade features.

Q: Our company doesn’t use Google’s tools. Can we still use Skykit?

A: Yes. You create content in whatever tools and application you use today. The Skykit administrator at your company will be set up with one Google license (Either a free Gmail or Business email is required to log in to Skykit).

Q: Does Skykit have pricing for schools and nonprofits?

A: Yes. We have special pricing for schools and nonprofits. Contact us for details.

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