Skykit Digital Signage

Simple. Powerful. Scalable.

Cut through the digital noise, and start seamlessly displaying customized content in seconds to one screen, or a thousand, from anywhere in the world.

What is Skykit?

Skykit is a digital signage content management software system allowing organizations to create and display engaging and interactive content to target audiences at the right place and time, all while saving in both time and cost.

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Intuitive Interface

Reduce training and onboarding times. Instantly start uploading and managing content.

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Powerful Integrations

Securely upload existing content from Google Drive using Skykit’s In-App File Picker.

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Infinite Scalability

Manage thousands of players with Skykit Admin Console. Send Device Commands, Generate Reports & more.

Enable your business to educate, inform, entertain, convert, and sell more.

Import Slides & PDF Documents Securely upload Google Slides & PDF Documents with our in-app Google Drive File Picker.

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Upload Videos Engage your audience with videos from your organization’s events, marketing campaigns, and more.

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Create Custom, Interactive User ExperiencesWith support for touch-interactivity, bring your content to life by creating personal and engaging experiences for your audience.

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User Roles and PermissionsManage your team with role-based permissions allowing users to only access tasks they’re assigned to.

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