Create content in the tools you already know and love. Google Drive takes the content and integrates with Skykit.

Skykit is native to the cloud. Built so you can scale with ease. Your content is stored, managed, and secured by Google.

Distribute content to your digital signs. Skykit uses Chrome devices to leverage ongoing device management, automatic software updates, and provisioning.


Creating your content to display

Instead of making a platform you need to create your content on, we ingest the content you already have. So you can continue working the way you’re comfortable. Skykit takes any type of content in Google Drive (video, presentations, documents, and more) and integrates it with our content management system. This means you can create your content in PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, or even tell Skykit what to display from a URL.

Managing your content

Skykit makes it easy to organize your content and present it. You can choose a few different views to display on your screens: one, two, three, or four sections of content at a time. If you display one section, one image takes up the whole screen. With four, they are broken up into quadrants.

You can control the timing for how long each section of the screen displays before transitioning, giving you the seamless transitions you’d like.

Distributing your content to any screen

You can control content updates in real-time from your mobile device. If you’d like to show something like a video, product comparison, or hardware specifications, you can easily present that content to any screen.


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