Skykit Digital Signage Hardware

On the hunt for the best digital signage hardware around? We’re proud to offer media players and related hardware that perfectly complement Skykit’s powerful software.

ImageProduct NameOSVersionOEMResolutionPart NumberHardware GradeStorageMemoryWarranty SKP3 (Download the Spec Sheet) to 4K OutputSKMP-SKP3Prosumer32GB4GB2-Years Backpack I-Series 3.0 x 1080E901355Commercial16GB2GB2-Years Monitors 10" Display x 800MCT-10HPQ-POE-2LB
Requires Addl. P/N for Firmware Upgrade: MCT-AV8.1-OPT
Commercial8GB2GB3-Years 10" I-Series 3.0 Display x 800E461790Commercial32GB3GB2-Years 32-Inch SoC Display x 1080Display Only: 32BDL4051D
Display w/Skykit (1-Year): 32BDL4051D-SK01
Display w/Skykit (3-Year): 32BDL4051D-SK03
Commercial16GB4GB3-Years 43-Inch SoC Display x 1080Display Only: 43BDL4051D
Display w/Skykit (1-Year): 43BDL4051D-SK01
Display w/Skykit (3-Year): 43BDL4051D-SK03
Commercial16GB4GB3-Years 49-Inch SoC Display x 1080Display Only: 49BDL4051D
Display w/Skykit (1-Year): 49BDL4051D-SK01
Display w/Skykit (3-Year): 49BDL4051D-SK03
Commercial16GB4GB3-Years 55-Inch SoC Display x 1080Display Only: 55BDL4051D
Display w/Skykit (1-Year): 55BDL4051D-SK01
Display w/Skykit (3-Year): 55BDL4051D-SK03
Commercial16GB4GB3-Years 49-Inch 4K SoC Display x 2160Display Only: 49BDL4150D
Display w/Skykit (1-Year): 49BDL4150D-SK01
Display w/Skykit (3-Year): 49BDL4150D-SK03
Commercial16GB4GB3-Years 55-Inch 4K SoC Display x 2160Display Only: 55BDL4150D
Display w/Skykit (1-Year): 55BDL4150D-SK01
Display w/Skykit (3-Year): 55BDL4150D-SK03
Commercial16GB4GB3-Years 65-Inch 4K SoC Display x 2160Display Only: 65BDL4150D
Display w/Skykit (1-Year): 65BDL4150D-SK01
Display w/Skykit (3-Year): 65BDL4150D-SK03
Commercial16GB4GB3-Years Chromebox CXI3 to 4K OutputDT.Z17AA.002Prosumer32GB4GB1-Year Chromebox CBx1 to 4K OutputNBCBX1CProsumer128GB4GB1-Year Chromebox CN65 to 4K OutputCHROMEBOX 3-N017UProsumer32GB4GB1-Year Chromebox G2 to 4K Output7LJ57UT#ABAProsumer32GB4GB1-Year Chromebox Commercial 2 to 4K Output91.CX100.GA10Commercial32GB4GB3-Years